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This blog is about my journey to find a thinner me.  I’ve already put together some posts that tell a little about me and where I have been and where I’m headed that I will post over the next couple days.  I’ve searched and read so many blogs about weight loss surgery and the lapband, but I still have so many questions about the procedure and the recovery.  I know that it’s different for everyone, but I decided that I wanted to make sure to include all the questions and topics that I was looking for answers on so hopefully it might help someone else on this same journey.

I will try to post at least once a week, but hopefully a little more frequently than that.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy reading!


One Year

It’s been so long since I have posted.  I always formulate a post in my head and then never follow through and get online and write it and post it.  Sorry for letting my followers down.    But I’ve got a great update!!!!

It’s been a year since I started my journey.  I officially started on January 31, 2015 at 256.6 pounds and I was miserable.  I’ve been overweight my whole adult life.  I’ve lost and gained and lost and gained.  I’ve tried every diet you can think of, HcG, Herbal Life, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, counting calories, Ideal Protein, the list goes on.  The last couple years have been extra stressful.  From March 2014 to July 2014 I gained 50 pounds.  I thought it was just one stress in my life that contributed to that weight gain, but now looking back I can see that I had a lot on my plate.  I worked full time, I was on a fast paced project at work and I was traveling for that project, I was also going to school full time online, and I was on a roller coaster with my two adult son’s.  They battle a drug addiction and at that time we were trying to get them clean and in a program to stay clean and it was 3 months of ups and downs.  When I think of all I was dealing with, it’s no wonder I gained so much weight.

In July 2014 I traveled for work and stayed over for a weekend.  That weekend I just hung out in my hotel room and ate.  I ate so much crap because there was no one around to see what I was eating.  Thinking back on it, it’s rather embarrassing.  As I was sitting in that room that weekend, I realized that I had a problem and I needed to make a change in my life.  I started researching lapband surgery and reading all the blogs I could and made the decision that I wanted to do it.  I came home and met with a surgeon and found out that my insurance covered bariatric surgery, I would just have to do six months of monitored nutrition.  Tentatively my surgery was planned for February 2015.

During my six months of monitored nutrition, I lost 14 pounds and then promptly gained it back plus a little more.  In January 2015, I had my final nutrition appointment and my surgery was approved.  On January 31, 2015 I started my pre-op diet and lost 8 pounds and then had my surgery on February 12, 2015.

I haven’t been completely open about my surgery on my Facebook page.  If anyone asks me directly what I’m doing, I tell them everything, but I haven’t openly announced that I did have surgery.  I think my hesitance to be open about it is because I don’t want people to think I took the easy way out.  I can assure you, this journey has not been easy.

A little about the lapband…. it’s an inflatable band that is placed around the opening of your stomach.  As it is inflated it creates a pouch above the stomach opening and the food sits there and slowly drains into the stomach.  When the band is inflated to the optimal level it will reduce the amount of food you can eat at one time and will suppress your appetite for 3-4 hours.  One of the catches is that the process to get to the optimal level takes a while.  For me it took a little over 10 months before I got to that point.

Some of the things the band doesn’t do:

  • It doesn’t burn calories, I still have to make time for exercise on a regular basis.
  • It doesn’t stop me from eating ice cream and cookies, I have to make that choice.
  • It doesn’t stop me from eating when I’m stressed, I have to find other ways to deal with my stress.
  • It doesn’t prevent me from getting a Venti Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks, I wish it did!

I’ve learned so much in the last year.  I’ve made so many positive changes.  There have been points during the last year where I wish I would have gotten the sleeve procedure instead of the band.  The weight loss is typically faster with a little less effort than I have had to put out.  Now, looking back at the last year, I’m so happy with my decision to get the band.  I’ve had to fight for every pound that I have lost and I’m happy about that.  The weight loss means so much more to me.  I’ve accomplished so much.  I’m learning better ways to deal with my stress and anxiety than “eating my feelings”.  I exercise consistently and that helps keep my head clear.  If I’m dealing with something stressful, I try to get out and take a walk if it’s possible.  I’m running now.  I know my previous posts I shared that I was just starting running, but now I can consistently run a 5K, I can even run 4 miles without stopping, I run 2-3 days a week.  I’m finding that unprocessed foods make me feel better and higher processed carbs make me feel miserable.  I’ve even been able to let go of the things in my life that I can’t control and approach those things in a whole different way than I would have in the past.  I’m less stressed even in stressful situations and I’m less worried all the time.  AND I feel great in my clothes.  I don’t look in the mirror anymore and say “that’s as good as it’s going to get” and be disappointed seeing the rolls of fat hanging over my jeans!

In November I was struggling and had gotten off track when it came to my eating choices, I still exercised regularly so I wasn’t gaining weight YET, but I knew if I didn’t change something that I would start regaining all the weight I had fought so hard to lose.  My cousin is a BeachBody coach and asked me if I wanted to try the 21 Day Fix program.  I hesitant because I didn’t want to spend the money, but I decided to just do it.  I was only planning on doing the nutrition part because I was happy with my gym routine and I really needed a slap back to reality with my portions and food choices.  After about a week of being in the accountability group I was feeling left out!  Everyone else was doing the exercises and posting about what they accomplished and I couldn’t relate.  I had never even watched one so I had no idea what they were talking about.  Dirty30 and Fire Hydrants, oh my!  I have never been able to stick to a dvd workout program before, I like it for a week or so but then I hit play and 5 minutes later I find excuses why I need to stop.  This is the reason I didn’t want to do the workouts, but I also hated not being part of the group.  So I tried the workouts starting the second week and I loved them.  I’ve done 2 rounds now and I’m getting ready to start my 3rd round tomorrow.  I even cancelled my expensive gym membership.  I love the program and the supplements so much that I decided to become a Beach Body Coach.  I’m passionate about my new lifestyle and want to help others reach their health and fitness goals so I decided this was the perfect fit for me right now.  If you are interested in learning about any of our programs, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Ok Ok Ok…. I’ve rambled enough, now for the results you are all waiting for!!!!

January 31, 2015
256.4 Pounds
53.6% Body Fat
Hips: 52in
Belly Button: 44in
Waist: 39in

January 31, 2016
192.2 Pounds
35% Body Fat
Hips: 42in
Belly Button: 35in
Waist: 31in

Total Loss:
Pounds 64.2lbs
Body Fat 18.6%
Hips 10in
Belly Button 9 in
Waist 8in



I’m a Runner – almost! 

Here I am slacking on the posting again!  I hope that if you have an Instagram account you are following me on there.  I post something on there almost every day.  @purplebanded 

I weighed in today and I’m doing great!  

Since my last weigh in I posted here I’m down 3.2 pounds and just from last week I’m down 2.4 pounds!  I am down 39 pounds since my start of all this 4 months ago.  That is just amazing to me.  On the 12th I’m going to do all my measurements and pictures since that will be 4 months since my surgery.  I do have a comparison picture I will share, the before is from the day of surgery and the after is from May 29th, same shirt and almost same pants, the current pic is just a Capri version of the before pic.  

My workouts have been awesome!  I’m so proud of myself.  This week my training plan for Monday was to run 20 minutes, recovery walk for 5 minutes, then run another 10 minutes.  Well on Monday morning, that looked pretty intimidating and I chose not to do it.  Wednesday’s plan was three intervals of 10 minutes of running with a 3 minute recovery between them.  When I started that one I told myself to just try and if I didn’t finish at least I tried, but I had to run one full 10 minute interval before I gave up.  Guess what?!?!  I ran all three intervals without walking or stopping!  I’m a super slow runner, but I don’t care.  My focus is just running for longer periods of time and then once I’m doing that I will increase the speed.  

Since I did so well during yesterday’s run and I’m not sore from it and I don’t have my next scheduled run until Saturday, I decided to try Monday’s plan.  Going into it I told myself for the first 20 min interval I had to go at least a mile before I could stop, I went the mile and kept going, I finished the whole 20 min!  For some reason I was thinking the last 10 minute interval was only a 5 minute interval so after the 20 I was thinking no problem on the 5 until I heard “starting interval 10 minutes”, then I thought “crap 10 minutes!”  So I told myself I had to run to a specific spot and then I could stop.  I passed that spot and ran the whole 10 minutes!  That is two days in a row running 30 minutes total during my workout.  And guess what?!?!  I didn’t die!!!!!  


Positive…. Yes I’m positive! 

This last week I have had some great things going on in my health and weight loss life.  

We got back from our road trip to my brother’s wedding and I didn’t gain anything!  I was 221.0 when I left and I was 220.6 yesterday for weigh in day.  I’ve also finally lost some inches!   That is 3 vacation/road trips where I didn’t gain any weight!  I 💜 my band! 

Wednesday I had to do a fitness test for my Edmondo training plan so it can adjust my training plan.  I was supposed to run for 12 minutes as fast as I could.  Well I didn’t run fast, but I ran and I ran the whole 12 minutes without stopping, without worrying when 12 minutes would be done.  And I didn’t die!  I had a lot going on in my head not related to running so I guess that kept me occupied!  

I’ve had a lot going on personally, lots of stress right now, and normally it would bury me in a pint of ice cream, but I haven’t let it.   After the road trip I got right back on track with eating and exercise.  I really feel like this is a different me. 

And today started awesome!  For the most part I work from home. I usually go to the office once every 2-3 weeks. Up until today, when I have to go to the office I change my clothes a couple times and then give up always saying “it is what it is and it’s not gonna get any better than this”. I usually have rolls showing (which I hate) and I’m just not comfortable. But not today! I put on my capris right out of the dryer and they are gonna annoy me today because they are too big. You can’t see any rolls. I didn’t change clothes at all. I chose what I was gonna wear, put it on and feel good in it. There is no “it is what it is” today!  I’m so happy that I chose this surgery!  


heading to work!

Oh and I should post a picture of how awesome I looked at the wedding.  I felt so great and got so many compliments on my dress.   My husband didn’t look too shabby himself!   


Weigh in! 

Today we are on the road!  We are heading from Arizona to Oregon for my brother’s wedding.  On the road at 4:00am and hoping to make it the whole way by midnight tonight. It’s gonna be a long day, my 4 year old will not stop talking!  

I weighed in before I left.  I didn’t do all my measurements just my weight and I’m super happy with my progress.  I’m hoping this road trip weekend doesn’t stall my progress.  

1/31/15 SW: 256.4

5/7/15: 224.2

5/14/15 CW: 221

Weekly loss: 3.2 lb

Total loss: 35.4 lbs 

Now it’s time to kick back and relax for the next 19 hours or so.  Fun times

Killed It!



This week has been a great week!  I’ve done all my workouts and I worked my ass of during each one.  I stayed on plan eating super low carb (less than 16g net carbs a day) and I lost 5 pounds between Monday and Friday!  Yep you read that right…. 5 pounds!!!!

I was dreading my work out this morning, my head was trying to tell my body that I couldn’t do it even before I started.  Today was day 3 of my training plan, so that means 7 – 2 minute running intervals with 1 minute recovery between each.  I did two things different than I have in the past, I kept my pace really slow and I wouldn’t let me think about the actual running.  I made myself think about other things going on in my life so I would get lost in those thoughts and not think about how long 2 minutes felt.  Before I knew it, I completed all 7 intervals and never once felt like I had to start walking early.  I’m so proud of myself.  When I was done with the running part of my work out I finished with another 2 mile walk.  Great work out to start the weekend.

As much as I love losing a pound a day, I know it’s probably not something is realistic to expect to continue, I’m upping my carbs a little bit, I’m going to shoot to stay under 22g net a day, that way I can add in some veggies.  I will do this until Tuesday when I get my fill.  I haven’t figured out how to stay low carb when I’m doing just liquids and then pureed’s so I’m not going to worry about those two days.  Then I’m going to do the best that I can to make low carb choices after that….. Thursday we leave on a road trip to my brother’s wedding.  We will be in the car about 16-17 hours on Thursday and then a couple more hours on Friday, so it won’t be easy, but I’m going to do my best.

Weigh-In… Weigh-in… Weigh-in

I love weigh in day when the scale likes me!  I didn’t officially weigh myself last week, so the number today is for 2 weeks loss.

The scale was down to 226.8 and then I ate some crap food over the weekend and it jumped back up to 231, after 2 days of eating clean and drinking water it went back down to 228 and then just stayed there.  Last Thursday it had moved down to 227.8 but wouldn’t budge any further.  I finally realized that part of it was because it was that time of the month, so I didn’t stress over it.

On Monday this week, I was still weighing in at 227.8 and I made a decision on how I was going to eat this week, I needed to do something to get myself jump started again and to get myself back on track for once and all.  Ever since my Cancun vacation I have done pretty good for a couple days and then totally fall off with some high carb food choices, then get right back on for a couple days and repeat.

I decided that Monday through Friday this week I would do super low carb.  The only carbs I am allowed are from my protein drink in the morning (12 g net carbs) and the carbs from avocado at lunch or dinner.  The most carbs I have had each day is 16g net carbs.  It’s been pretty easy to stick to and I’m really happy with the number on the scale because of it.  I’ve also had a lot of energy and I haven’t been so hungry.  The last couple weeks where I am good then carb out, I’ve been constantly hungry. I’ve stuck to 1050-1210 calories a day and I’ve been drinking at least 96 oz of water a day and following my work out plan every day!  I’ve also been giving it my all during my workouts.

Have I kept you in suspense long enough?  Alright here are my numbers for this week.

1/31/2015 SW: 256.4
4/23/2015: 228.8
5/7/15 CW: 224.2
4.6 pound loss!
Total loss: 32.2 pounds!

In this 2 week period a 4.6 pound loss really isn’t that big, but considering that on two weeks ago Tuesday, when I went in for my fill, I was 232, so in just 2 weeks and 2 days I have lost 7.8 pounds.  That’s pretty darn exciting.  I’m hoping for at least 1 more pound before my appointment next Tuesday.  My nutritionist said he wanted me in the 220s, it would be great if I was at 223, but he would be happy with 228.  I would love to go back in there at 223.

I’m sure you are all thinking, “that lapband sure does work”, but right now, it still feels like this is all me.  My band doesn’t seem to be full enough to curb my appetite or give me much restriction.  It’s weird because the level I was filled at when I went to Cancun seemed to make a difference and I felt restriction and obviously it helped me because I didn’t gain any weight while I was there, but this last fill doesn’t seem to have done anything.  I don’t feel any restriction anymore and I’m hungry within an hour or 2 after eating.  (Except this week)  I’m the one that is forcing myself to stay right at 1200 calories even if I’m hungry, I’m the one cutting down on the carbs even though I would love to have some sugar, I’m the one consistently burning anywhere from 600-1300 calories each day from my work outs (week days are between 600-900 and weekends are closer to 1100-1300). I’m doing all this work, I think the band has just helped motivate me to do it and keep on track.  I think the bands real job will come in once I’m closer to goal or at goal and helping me maintain.  That’s what I’m most scared about, I have never been able to get to a decent weight and maintain.  I got down to 168 doing HCG and that didn’t last long.  I stopped HCG sometime in May 2009 and by September 2009 I was back up to 207, then I got pregnant the end of September and gained 75 pounds during my pregnancy.  I was able to get back down to 198 in 2012, but I can never stay there.  I yo-yo’d between 200 and 220 until March 2014, then gained almost 40 between March and June of last year.  Maintenance is a scary scary thought.  But I will get there!


Mental or Physical?

Gosh, I’m slacking on my posts again!  I didn’t weigh in last week, I wasn’t happy with my daily weigh ins so I didn’t bother with an official weigh in.  It was that time of the month and the scale hated me!  Hoping for a nicer scale this Thursday.

There has been one thing on my mind the last 2 weeks, and I keep creating this post in my head but then never actually sit down and write it.  How much do you think exercise is mental vs physical?

I know you are probably thinking “Well it’s all physical, duh!  You are physically doing something, you aren’t reading or thinking”  Well, I think that’s wrong!  he he  I think it’s more mental than physical.  I really think my body can handle a lot more physically than I make it do, but my mind holds me back.

Last fall I was jogging for 10 minutes at a time without walking, I would walk for a couple minutes and then jog for another 8 minutes.  I was doing it and I was 20 pounds heavier than I am now.  I always had the thought of, “I can’t wait until I lose some weight because then this will feel a little easier”  I still have that thought!

I’ve been doing a training program that my app edmondo made for me.
I do it 3 days a week, day 1 is: run 1 min, recover 30 seconds – 6 times, then run 30 seconds and recover one minute – 8 times.
Day 2 is: run 1 minute, recover 1 minute – 10 times
Day 3 is: run 2 minutes, recover 1 minute – 7 times

The first 3 weeks the plan is the same, except in the 3rd week it has me do a fitness test where I have to run for 12 minutes, and then it will adjust my plan based on how my performance is.

Day 1 and day 2 is a piece of cake.  I love it, it’s challenging, but I can finish it and I feel great about it.  Day 3…. I started out strong.  I felt great.  The first three 2 minute running intervals went pretty fast, and I felt like I killed them and I was going to kill that work out!  Then came interval 4, that last minute felt like the longest minute ever.  Then interval 5, OMG how could two minutes take so long?  Then interval 6…. ugh, I can’t make the whole 2 minutes, I ended up walking about the last 15 seconds of it.  Then I finished “strong” on interval 7 and forced myself to run the whole thing, even though I was starting to think I should check the app and make sure it was still working and the timer wasn’t broken.

As I was doing my cool down walk I started this post in my head.  I could physically handle running probably 20 minutes straight, but why won’t my mind let me do it?  How do I get out of my head long enough to let myself accomplish what I want physically?

After that day, I didn’t really run for a whole week.  Yesterday was my first day back to running and I started on Day 1 again, and yes I killed it.  It was easy.  Todays plan was a warm up walk with a little high intensity intervals (HIIT) and then a kettlebell routine.  I chose a HIIT program that is only 4:10 minutes long and it’s supposed to be 20 seconds high intensity alternating with 10 seconds of low intensity.  Well, again I “can’t” sprint for 20 seconds eight times, so I’m starting out with sprinting on the 10 second intervals and recovering on the 20 second intervals.  I completed it and then thought I would try it one more time before I got back home, I did two more sprints and gave up.  My shins started hurting.  But I’m still proud of myself, it may have only been 1:30 minutes of sprinting, but even 2 weeks ago my mind was convinced that I couldn’t sprint.  I wanted to start doing HIIT, but there was no way I could sprint so it wasn’t happening.  Guess what…. I’m doing it though!


Huge NSV to Share

My baby brother’s wedding is coming up in 2 weeks.  I just started looking for dresses and I really want to look good for pictures!  I went shopping today and found some dresses that looked cute.  I grabbed a size 16, 14, and 12 in each.  (I was wearing 18s 3 months ago)  

I decided to try the 14 in the blue dress first.  (They didn’t have a 12 in that one). It was a little big on the top, so I had them look at other stores and online for a size 12.  Then since it was a little big, I tried a 12 in a black one and OMG it looked amazing!  It made my waist look so small.  I decided to get both dresses and then I will decide which one to wear as it gets closer to the wedding day.  Hopefully they both still fit!  

I felt like I was in some alternate universe being able to fit into a 12.  This was at Torrid, so I though maybe they are just a big 12.  I went to Ross and tried on a 14 that pretty good, a little big on top though.  I tried 2 size 12s, one fit perfect and the other was a little tight around my hips!  Oh My Gosh!!!! I fit into size 12 dresses!  I know it depends on the brand and what it is because I also got some size 16 shorts from old navy and they fit perfect, I highly doubt I could fit into a 12 of the same shorts.  

Still such a great day!