I’m a Runner – almost! 

Here I am slacking on the posting again!  I hope that if you have an Instagram account you are following me on there.  I post something on there almost every day.  @purplebanded 

I weighed in today and I’m doing great!  

Since my last weigh in I posted here I’m down 3.2 pounds and just from last week I’m down 2.4 pounds!  I am down 39 pounds since my start of all this 4 months ago.  That is just amazing to me.  On the 12th I’m going to do all my measurements and pictures since that will be 4 months since my surgery.  I do have a comparison picture I will share, the before is from the day of surgery and the after is from May 29th, same shirt and almost same pants, the current pic is just a Capri version of the before pic.  

My workouts have been awesome!  I’m so proud of myself.  This week my training plan for Monday was to run 20 minutes, recovery walk for 5 minutes, then run another 10 minutes.  Well on Monday morning, that looked pretty intimidating and I chose not to do it.  Wednesday’s plan was three intervals of 10 minutes of running with a 3 minute recovery between them.  When I started that one I told myself to just try and if I didn’t finish at least I tried, but I had to run one full 10 minute interval before I gave up.  Guess what?!?!  I ran all three intervals without walking or stopping!  I’m a super slow runner, but I don’t care.  My focus is just running for longer periods of time and then once I’m doing that I will increase the speed.  

Since I did so well during yesterday’s run and I’m not sore from it and I don’t have my next scheduled run until Saturday, I decided to try Monday’s plan.  Going into it I told myself for the first 20 min interval I had to go at least a mile before I could stop, I went the mile and kept going, I finished the whole 20 min!  For some reason I was thinking the last 10 minute interval was only a 5 minute interval so after the 20 I was thinking no problem on the 5 until I heard “starting interval 10 minutes”, then I thought “crap 10 minutes!”  So I told myself I had to run to a specific spot and then I could stop.  I passed that spot and ran the whole 10 minutes!  That is two days in a row running 30 minutes total during my workout.  And guess what?!?!  I didn’t die!!!!!  



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