Positive…. Yes I’m positive! 

This last week I have had some great things going on in my health and weight loss life.  

We got back from our road trip to my brother’s wedding and I didn’t gain anything!  I was 221.0 when I left and I was 220.6 yesterday for weigh in day.  I’ve also finally lost some inches!   That is 3 vacation/road trips where I didn’t gain any weight!  I 💜 my band! 

Wednesday I had to do a fitness test for my Edmondo training plan so it can adjust my training plan.  I was supposed to run for 12 minutes as fast as I could.  Well I didn’t run fast, but I ran and I ran the whole 12 minutes without stopping, without worrying when 12 minutes would be done.  And I didn’t die!  I had a lot going on in my head not related to running so I guess that kept me occupied!  

I’ve had a lot going on personally, lots of stress right now, and normally it would bury me in a pint of ice cream, but I haven’t let it.   After the road trip I got right back on track with eating and exercise.  I really feel like this is a different me. 

And today started awesome!  For the most part I work from home. I usually go to the office once every 2-3 weeks. Up until today, when I have to go to the office I change my clothes a couple times and then give up always saying “it is what it is and it’s not gonna get any better than this”. I usually have rolls showing (which I hate) and I’m just not comfortable. But not today! I put on my capris right out of the dryer and they are gonna annoy me today because they are too big. You can’t see any rolls. I didn’t change clothes at all. I chose what I was gonna wear, put it on and feel good in it. There is no “it is what it is” today!  I’m so happy that I chose this surgery!  


heading to work!

Oh and I should post a picture of how awesome I looked at the wedding.  I felt so great and got so many compliments on my dress.   My husband didn’t look too shabby himself!   



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