Rockin’ Update!

Weigh in day was yesterday.  I’m super happy with the progress I’m making.  This week the weight is just melting off like butta!

Starting 1/31/15: 256.4
Last weigh in 4/9/15: 232.6
Current weigh in 4/23/15: 228.8

I’ve lost 27.6 pounds total in less than 3 months and 3.8 pounds since my last weigh in, even with a week of that being in Cancun!

My face and neck are getting thinner, clothes are feeling looser, work outs are getting easier.  I’m really feeling good.  Getting back on track after vacation was even easy!  These are all huge things for me.

Looking at that comparison from surgery day to yesterday is just amazing to me.  I’m so glad that I’m taking these pictures along my journey because it really helps to see that I’m losing.

Now I need to update my smash book and make my goals for the week and start thinking about month 3!


Working on a New ME!

After doing so great at Easter, I started thinking about how I wanted my Cancun vacation to go and the mindset that I want to have.  I don’t want to  associate food with my memories of events,  activities, holidays, vacations….  Easter is a good example, it was a fun family day.  We had water gun fights, played board games, played video games, took goofy pictures, I hung out with my older boys.  It was just a really fun day that didn’t revolve around food.  This was the mindset that I want to adopt.  I think it will take time to get there 100%, but it really needs to be my goal.

Before I went to Cancun I had this thought, and then I talked to my nutritionist at my fill appointment and asked him for tips to stay on track, his response….”this isn’t weight watchers, it’s not a short term diet, you are in this for the long haul.  Vacations aren’t every day, so just eat what you want to eat, but let your band do some work and eat less.  Try to keep your calories under control, but don’t stress over it.”  After basically giving me permission to carb up and eat like crap he throws out there “I expect to see a 3 pound loss when I see you back in 2 weeks.”  Um what?  THREE pounds after I just was mentally eating tamales and cheesecake and ice cream and lots of strawberry margaritas.  That brought me back to reality!  I went back to my original thoughts about not making my vacation focused around food and drinks, but about fun and activities.

I had a wonderful time on vacation.  I was conscious of carbs and what I was eating.  I ate smaller portions, but I never once felt like I was restricting myself.  I definitely didn’t eat like I would at home, but I didn’t go too crazy either.  I had a lot more carbs than I normally would with the fruity drinks and beer.  I allowed myself to have dessert twice and I didn’t even eat much of it.  We ate at buffets a couple times and I got enough to have a bite or two of each thing I wanted to try.  I was a little stressed that I was going to gain because in the past even having one day of eating off track and I would gain.  There were days where I told myself “I’m sticking to low carb and I’m not drinking fruity drinks!”  I brought some crystallite so my plan was to just mix a shot of vodka with my crystallite, then it would be no carb.  I always started out good with good intentions, but then gave in mid day.

But you know what, it actually worked out ok!  I got home and got on the scale and it didn’t hate me.  I was right where I was when I left, and after 2 days of drinking lots of water and eating clean I was even down a pound.  And now, only 6 days after I got home, I’m down almost 4 pounds!  I know that I can’t use that experience as my excuse to be able to go off the rails, and I still have a long way to go when it comes to changing that mindset, but I’m so proud of myself because as soon as I got home I got right back on track.  In the past a week of not being strict would derail me for months.  I’m a work in progress and I’m definitely making some!


Before I went to Cancun, I got a fill.  I was talking to my nutritionist about how I was going to stay on track while I was in Cancun and he basically said eat what you want, just eat less.  Then the next sentence he said… I expect to see a 3 pound loss.  OMG I was stressed about that.  My fill was on a Tuesday, I left for Cancun on Saturday and got back the following Saturday and then back to the office for another fill on Tuesday.  I got on the scale before I left on Saturday morning and I was 232.  So I was down the 3 pounds. So now I just had to not gain on vacation.  I didn’t think it was possible! I’m now sitting in my doctor’s office after being weighed and meeting with my nutritionist and I’m down 4 pounds since my appointment two weeks ago! What an accomplishment!  I feel so good about myself.  I will do a better post with more of an update by Thursday.  I was just so excited about my loss even on vacation!   

Hello from beautiful Cancun! 

I kind of slacked on my posts this week.  I probably will be pretty scarce this week too…. I’m in Cancun!!!!!  I can already tell it’s going to be a tough week to stay on track.  Today is my 40th birthday so I’m going to enjoy it and then tomorrow and beyond I’m going to try really hard to be very conscious of what I’m eating and drinking.  It’s just so hard to do that when you are drinking though…. All willpower and logical thinking goes out the window!  Wish me luck and enjoy the week!  

the view from our room, hoping to switch to a room with an actual ocean view


I feel like I had a pretty successful weekend.  I didn’t keep track of my calories or carbs yesterday, and I’m sure I went over my carbs because I had a few pita chips and watermelon chunks, but other than that I made some pretty good choices and I didn’t over eat.  We celebrated Easter as well as my son’s 22nd birthday.  I had originally planned on making a keto cheesecake, but I didn’t.  Then I decided I would buy a cheesecake for the family to eat and I would make a single serving keto cheesecake for myself, but that didn’t happen either.  So I allowed myself to have a small sliver of cheesecake with a little spoonful of canned cherries.  I ate that and didn’t feel guilty, didn’t want more, didn’t have more sugar cravings and was right back on track this morning.  I will mention the biggest accomplishment again…. I didn’t overeat, I didn’t over indulge!

I made buffalo chicken dip, cut up lots of fresh veggies, served an artichoke jalapeño dip and hummus.  I set out tortilla chips and pita chips for my family and cut up watermelon because my 4 year old loves it.  We munched on those appetizers all afternoon, but I didn’t over indulge.

I made a plate and didn’t even finish what was on my plate.  (I did snag a few pita chips and watermelon though.)

For dinner my husband smoked a ham.  It was ah-maze-ing!

I also made a cheesy cauliflower casserole and sautéed green beans.  I made a caesar salad but totally forgot about it and it never came out of the fridge.  Does anyone notice what we are missing in this dinner?  CARBS!!!!!  Well, we almost went without carbs, but I did get the family some Kings Hawaiian rolls.  I didn’t have any though.  I also only drank half a glass of wine.

We had a really fun day!  The Easter Bunny brought everyone squirt guns, which led to a water fight.  We ended the night by playing a intense game of Simpson’s Clue…. Fat Tony used the Cobra to kill Mr. Burns in the Springfield History Room.

My crazy family!

The scale started moving down this weekend and then of course after the ham and cheesecake yesterday, it was back up this morning.  I’m hoping it will be back down tomorrow, but I ate left over ham for lunch and dinner today.  Not sure if it had a lot of sodium in it or not.  I have my third fill tomorrow, if my weight is still up tomorrow my nutritionist is never going to believe that I lose weight.  I always go in there telling him my scale is lower than his.  He probably thinks I’m looney!  But I took a picture of it yesterday so that no one can think I’m looney!  HA!

I’ve got to push push push this week.  I’m off to Cancun on Saturday, so I want to work hard this week.  I’m also trying to get a plan in my head for next week so I don’t undo all the good that I have been doing.  Any suggestions on how to stay on track?

Smash Book – Smash Book – Smash Book

Time for a smash book update!!!!  Below are pictures of just the pages that I have updated recently.  I really love seeing this progression.  It’s a fun little project and a great way to stay accountable and on track.

I finally decided what to do with this page.  I’m going to put pictures of my rewards as I earn them!


This page will be a collection of all of my losses for each month.  Quick and easy reference page to see how great I’ve done.

The start of my Month 2 page!  My reward for meeting my goal of daily activity is a pedicure.


This is my new work out tracker page.  Did you know that last month I earned $22 for my work outs.  So far this month I’ve already earned $11!  I’m pretty excited about that.  I haven’t decided what I will do with the money yet.  I’m contemplating just saving it and once this book is full and I have to switch to another book, then I will take it and spend it on something.  But I’m not sure yet.  What would you do with the money?

Here is my week 5 page all filled out and complete.

And the start of week 6.  I’m using two pages for week 6.


Weigh In Day Got Me Down

I’m usually so excited for weigh in day, but not this week.  I’m one of those crazy people that weighs myself every day, so I had an idea what the numbers were going to be.  I told myself last night, the number didn’t matter, I would measure myself and that is where I would see some difference.  I’ve been putting in the work all week, thought I was literally working my ass off, but I was so wrong!  Measurements didn’t change at all either.  grrrr

I think I mentioned in another post that I was 233.2 on Tuesday and Wednesday last week, then 231.8 on Thursday and then jumped to 234.2 on Friday.  There was really no rhyme or reason for that jump.  I didn’t eat anything “bad” or more calories on Thursday, I only did cardio on Thursday, and I drank more than enough water.  But I just kept slogging through the week, knowing that as long as I put in the work and keep myself on track the results will happen.  (And my head still knows that!)  From Friday until Tuesday the number didn’t budge.  Finally on Tuesday it dropped down to 233.2, and then jumped back up on Wednesday.

From last Friday to yesterday I ate 7,872 calories, of those calories I had less than 245 net grams of carbs.  I torched 5,645 calories from 454 minutes of exercise (that doesn’t include the calories I burn just from being alive) !  I also guzzled 702 ounces of water for the week.  I’m definitely doing the work!  I know the results will come, it’s just really hard for my personality type to be patient!  I’m an aries after all and I’m headstrong and want instant gratification and results!  The scale better recognize that! 

My results for today:

1/31/15 SW: 256.4
3/26/15: 231.8
4/2/15 CW: 233.6
Gain of 1.8 lbs
Total loss: 22.8 pounds

Two positives:  
I lost 0.2 pounds of body fat from last week for a total of 14.8 pounds of body fat.
I lost half an inch around my thighs – they haven’t budged since I started this, so I guess my squats and running helped last week.  Now if my hips would hop on board and shed some fat I would be a happy clam!

My goal for this month is to get some activity every day.  I’m rockin’ that goal as noted by my calories burned and total exercise minutes for the week!  My challenge for last week was to get 12,000 steps every day.  There was only one day that I didn’t hit that.  I did my work out in the morning, but it was kettlebell day, not cardio day, so I didn’t get quite enough steps with the work out, and by afternoon I was exhausted so I didn’t get my butt outside to get some steps in.  I actually was asleep by 8:30.  But the rest of the week, if I didn’t have all my steps by 7:00pm, I laced up my shoes and went out and walked until I got them all.  I’m very proud of myself.  This week I’m taking my steps back to a goal of 10,000 each day.

My challenge for this week is to do 10 minutes of stretching after each of my workouts.  I’ve been really bad about this and my legs and hips feel so tight.  I’m also going back to basics when it comes to my food.  I’m going to try to mirror the food I ate the week I dropped almost 4 pounds!  It’s getting tough though, my appetite is back with a vengeance so it’s hard to be satisfied on the small amounts that I have been eating since surgery.  I get another fill on Tuesday, so hopefully that will help.

I really needed this smiley face today! I seem to reach for this cup whenever I’m feeling down about my progress.

What Do You Do On Your Rest Day?

I’ve decided Thursdays will be my “rest day”.  I’m doing couch to 5k Saturday, Monday and Wednesday and kettlebells on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday.

What did I do on my rest day?  I of course went out and walked 3 miles.  I did a really slow pace but still wanted to get some activity in before I sat at my desk all day and need to get my steps!


What do you do on your rest day?

Stay tuned for a weigh in day update and my plan for my new week. 


Tonight as I went out for a walk after dark just to make sure I reached my goal of 12,000 steps I started feeling exhausted.  Exhausted from always worrying about how many carbs are in something, making sure I’m getting enough protein, making sure I’m drinking enough water, walking enough steps, getting my workout in.  This whole process is so exhausting.

I read another blog today along these same lines and about finding the balance between weight loss and being healthy and the rest of your life.  I wonder if I will ever find a balance between the two.  I have such an addictive personality, so I traded my unhealthy food addiction for an addiction to making healthy choices and working out.  Obviously that’s a good trade, but it does get exhausting.  

Sunday I did something that was unrelated to my health.  Last fall I realized I am crafty!  I never thought I was creative or crafty, but my daughter wanted a minecraft birthday party and I went all out making decorations and food.  I had so much fun with it, so I started doing other crafts.  I handmade most of the Christmas present that I gave last year and they were cute!  I learned to crochet and made some really nice blankets.  Ok so back to Sunday….. I got a sewing machine for Christmas, so I made a huge tote bag for my trip to Cancun.  It’s not complete, I need to add the handles, but it turned out pretty decent.  I think I’m going to make one that is a little smaller.  I had a lot of fun making it and guess what I didn’t think about….. Food, weight loss, carbs, exercise!  (It helped that I already did my work out for the day). 

Maybe that is the key…. I need to pick a project to work on or activity to do with my family each weekend so I’m focusing on more than just my weight loss.  

Want to see the bag I made?  Of course you do!  

made out of oil cloth

Did I mention it is huge? Big enough to fit a 4 year old in!