Weigh in! 

Today we are on the road!  We are heading from Arizona to Oregon for my brother’s wedding.  On the road at 4:00am and hoping to make it the whole way by midnight tonight. It’s gonna be a long day, my 4 year old will not stop talking!   I weighed in before I left.  I […]

Killed It!

This week has been a great week!  I’ve done all my workouts and I worked my ass of during each one.  I stayed on plan eating super low carb (less than 16g net carbs a day) and I lost 5 pounds between Monday and Friday!  Yep you read that right…. 5 pounds!!!! I was dreading […]

Weigh-In… Weigh-in… Weigh-in

I love weigh in day when the scale likes me!  I didn’t officially weigh myself last week, so the number today is for 2 weeks loss. The scale was down to 226.8 and then I ate some crap food over the weekend and it jumped back up to 231, after 2 days of eating clean […]

Mental or Physical?

Gosh, I’m slacking on my posts again!  I didn’t weigh in last week, I wasn’t happy with my daily weigh ins so I didn’t bother with an official weigh in.  It was that time of the month and the scale hated me!  Hoping for a nicer scale this Thursday. There has been one thing on […]

Rockin’ Update!

Weigh in day was yesterday.  I’m super happy with the progress I’m making.  This week the weight is just melting off like butta! Starting 1/31/15: 256.4 Last weigh in 4/9/15: 232.6 Current weigh in 4/23/15: 228.8 I’ve lost 27.6 pounds total in less than 3 months and 3.8 pounds since my last weigh in, even […]

Working on a New ME!

After doing so great at Easter, I started thinking about how I wanted my Cancun vacation to go and the mindset that I want to have.  I don’t want to  associate food with my memories of events,  activities, holidays, vacations….  Easter is a good example, it was a fun family day.  We had water gun […]

Hello from beautiful Cancun! 

I kind of slacked on my posts this week.  I probably will be pretty scarce this week too…. I’m in Cancun!!!!!  I can already tell it’s going to be a tough week to stay on track.  Today is my 40th birthday so I’m going to enjoy it and then tomorrow and beyond I’m going to […]