Huge NSV to Share

My baby brother’s wedding is coming up in 2 weeks.  I just started looking for dresses and I really want to look good for pictures!  I went shopping today and found some dresses that looked cute.  I grabbed a size 16, 14, and 12 in each.  (I was wearing 18s 3 months ago)  

I decided to try the 14 in the blue dress first.  (They didn’t have a 12 in that one). It was a little big on the top, so I had them look at other stores and online for a size 12.  Then since it was a little big, I tried a 12 in a black one and OMG it looked amazing!  It made my waist look so small.  I decided to get both dresses and then I will decide which one to wear as it gets closer to the wedding day.  Hopefully they both still fit!  

I felt like I was in some alternate universe being able to fit into a 12.  This was at Torrid, so I though maybe they are just a big 12.  I went to Ross and tried on a 14 that pretty good, a little big on top though.  I tried 2 size 12s, one fit perfect and the other was a little tight around my hips!  Oh My Gosh!!!! I fit into size 12 dresses!  I know it depends on the brand and what it is because I also got some size 16 shorts from old navy and they fit perfect, I highly doubt I could fit into a 12 of the same shorts.  

Still such a great day!  



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