One Year

It’s been so long since I have posted.  I always formulate a post in my head and then never follow through and get online and write it and post it.  Sorry for letting my followers down.    But I’ve got a great update!!!! It’s been a year since I started my journey.  I officially started […]

Positive…. Yes I’m positive! 

This last week I have had some great things going on in my health and weight loss life.   We got back from our road trip to my brother’s wedding and I didn’t gain anything!  I was 221.0 when I left and I was 220.6 yesterday for weigh in day.  I’ve also finally lost some […]

Weigh in! 

Today we are on the road!  We are heading from Arizona to Oregon for my brother’s wedding.  On the road at 4:00am and hoping to make it the whole way by midnight tonight. It’s gonna be a long day, my 4 year old will not stop talking!   I weighed in before I left.  I […]

Hello from beautiful Cancun! 

I kind of slacked on my posts this week.  I probably will be pretty scarce this week too…. I’m in Cancun!!!!!  I can already tell it’s going to be a tough week to stay on track.  Today is my 40th birthday so I’m going to enjoy it and then tomorrow and beyond I’m going to […]

Weigh In Day Got Me Down

I’m usually so excited for weigh in day, but not this week.  I’m one of those crazy people that weighs myself every day, so I had an idea what the numbers were going to be.  I told myself last night, the number didn’t matter, I would measure myself and that is where I would see […]


Tonight as I went out for a walk after dark just to make sure I reached my goal of 12,000 steps I started feeling exhausted.  Exhausted from always worrying about how many carbs are in something, making sure I’m getting enough protein, making sure I’m drinking enough water, walking enough steps, getting my workout in. […]

Weigh In Day – New Month…. New Goals

Today is weigh in day!  This is the end of my first 4 weeks on Keto and almost the end of my first 2 months on this journey.  I have been doing great.  First I will tell about my successes for this month and then overall. This month I lost 10.8 pounds and 5.4 pounds […]

Going MIA

I’m going on a little trip until Monday, I’m not sure how much I will post but I will try.  I will definitely need to accountability. Yesterday I did pretty good when it came to food.  However, I didn’t drink enough water and I didn’t walk.  My mother-in-law got here yesterday, so I finished cleaning […]