Killed It!



This week has been a great week!  I’ve done all my workouts and I worked my ass of during each one.  I stayed on plan eating super low carb (less than 16g net carbs a day) and I lost 5 pounds between Monday and Friday!  Yep you read that right…. 5 pounds!!!!

I was dreading my work out this morning, my head was trying to tell my body that I couldn’t do it even before I started.  Today was day 3 of my training plan, so that means 7 – 2 minute running intervals with 1 minute recovery between each.  I did two things different than I have in the past, I kept my pace really slow and I wouldn’t let me think about the actual running.  I made myself think about other things going on in my life so I would get lost in those thoughts and not think about how long 2 minutes felt.  Before I knew it, I completed all 7 intervals and never once felt like I had to start walking early.  I’m so proud of myself.  When I was done with the running part of my work out I finished with another 2 mile walk.  Great work out to start the weekend.

As much as I love losing a pound a day, I know it’s probably not something is realistic to expect to continue, I’m upping my carbs a little bit, I’m going to shoot to stay under 22g net a day, that way I can add in some veggies.  I will do this until Tuesday when I get my fill.  I haven’t figured out how to stay low carb when I’m doing just liquids and then pureed’s so I’m not going to worry about those two days.  Then I’m going to do the best that I can to make low carb choices after that….. Thursday we leave on a road trip to my brother’s wedding.  We will be in the car about 16-17 hours on Thursday and then a couple more hours on Friday, so it won’t be easy, but I’m going to do my best.


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