Killed It!

This week has been a great week!  I’ve done all my workouts and I worked my ass of during each one.  I stayed on plan eating super low carb (less than 16g net carbs a day) and I lost 5 pounds between Monday and Friday!  Yep you read that right…. 5 pounds!!!! I was dreading […]

End of Vacation…..

Today is the last day of vacation and we are going home to a sick kiddo.  What timing… My poor mother-in-law has been taking care of him.  The fever just started yesterday, but there is nothing worse than a sick kid, and I’m not there to snuggle with him….YET We had a great vacation, lots […]

Going MIA

I’m going on a little trip until Monday, I’m not sure how much I will post but I will try.  I will definitely need to accountability. Yesterday I did pretty good when it came to food.  However, I didn’t drink enough water and I didn’t walk.  My mother-in-law got here yesterday, so I finished cleaning […]

“It Was A Good Day” – Ice Cube

I think Ice Cube said it perfectly – it was a good day today. I’m feeling a lot better today.  The last couple days on the scale it went up a little.  Which is frustrating because between the two days, I only had between 600-700 calories more than I normally eat total, and 12 extra […]

Keto Week 3 Goals

Wow starting the 3rd week already.  Crazy.  I’m still focusing on nutrition this month so my challenge for myself this week is to slow down…. eat slowly and chew chew chew.  With all the times I have had a scare of something getting stuck and my band is totally empty, I think I really need […]

Finishing Up The Week

Hello everyone!  Today is the end of my 2nd week on Keto and tomorrow is 4 weeks since my surgery.  I can’t wait to officially weigh and measure and take pictures tomorrow.  It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve been on some type of strict diet, I can tell that it’s paying off.  For the most […]

Best and Worst…..

I’m slacking on my posts.  Lets see, let me think of the best thing and the worst thing from Sunday, Monday and today.  Sunday: Best thing…. it’s tie between my breakfast and my walk.  I had my first experience with Chia seeds and hemp seeds. Chia Seed Cereal….. It was so delicious, only 1 net […]

Keto Week 2 Day 3 Recap

I figured something out this morning.  Drinking the right amount of water keeps the scale where it is, but drinking the right amount of water AND walking helps the scale move down! Wednesday the scale went up a little – no walk, didn’t drink enough water but my eating was on point on Tuesday Thursday the […]

Keto Week 2 Day 2 Recap

Don’t you just hate it when you see your plans for being healthy go right out the window.  That’s what happened the last two days.  Yesterday I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk in the morning because of somethings I had going on in the morning.  I thought I would be able to get […]