I’m a Runner – almost! 

Here I am slacking on the posting again!  I hope that if you have an Instagram account you are following me on there.  I post something on there almost every day.  @purplebanded  I weighed in today and I’m doing great!   Since my last weigh in I posted here I’m down 3.2 pounds and just […]

Weigh-In… Weigh-in… Weigh-in

I love weigh in day when the scale likes me!  I didn’t officially weigh myself last week, so the number today is for 2 weeks loss. The scale was down to 226.8 and then I ate some crap food over the weekend and it jumped back up to 231, after 2 days of eating clean […]

Rockin’ Update!

Weigh in day was yesterday.  I’m super happy with the progress I’m making.  This week the weight is just melting off like butta! Starting 1/31/15: 256.4 Last weigh in 4/9/15: 232.6 Current weigh in 4/23/15: 228.8 I’ve lost 27.6 pounds total in less than 3 months and 3.8 pounds since my last weigh in, even […]

Weigh In Day Got Me Down

I’m usually so excited for weigh in day, but not this week.  I’m one of those crazy people that weighs myself every day, so I had an idea what the numbers were going to be.  I told myself last night, the number didn’t matter, I would measure myself and that is where I would see […]

Weigh In Day – New Month…. New Goals

Today is weigh in day!  This is the end of my first 4 weeks on Keto and almost the end of my first 2 months on this journey.  I have been doing great.  First I will tell about my successes for this month and then overall. This month I lost 10.8 pounds and 5.4 pounds […]

Weigh In Day!!!!

Wow all kinds of milestones today! End of Keto Week 2 4 Weeks Post Op – 1 month BANDIVERSARY 6 Weeks since starting Pre-op diet.   Alright, lets get to my results for today! I’m down 4.4 pounds this week.  My body fat took a huge dip too, I’ve lost 5.9% in body fat over […]

Weigh In Day!

Today is weigh in day. I want to just say, I am happy with my overall weight loss for the week, BUT, it was lower on Tuesday. The last couple days of being sick, not walking and not drinking enough water hasn’t been nice on the scale. I should have a little bit lower of […]

Week 2 Weigh In day!!!!

Weigh in day!!!!  Drum Roll…… I lost half a pound since last week.  I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since surgery and 4 weeks since I started my pre-op diet. 1/31/15: 256.4 2/19/15: 242.8 2/26/13: 242.2 14.2 pounds in 4 weeks.  Not too bad.  That makes me happy.  Hopefully I can continue with at […]