Weigh in! 

Today we are on the road!  We are heading from Arizona to Oregon for my brother’s wedding.  On the road at 4:00am and hoping to make it the whole way by midnight tonight. It’s gonna be a long day, my 4 year old will not stop talking!   I weighed in before I left.  I […]

Weigh-In… Weigh-in… Weigh-in

I love weigh in day when the scale likes me!  I didn’t officially weigh myself last week, so the number today is for 2 weeks loss. The scale was down to 226.8 and then I ate some crap food over the weekend and it jumped back up to 231, after 2 days of eating clean […]

Rockin’ Update!

Weigh in day was yesterday.  I’m super happy with the progress I’m making.  This week the weight is just melting off like butta! Starting 1/31/15: 256.4 Last weigh in 4/9/15: 232.6 Current weigh in 4/23/15: 228.8 I’ve lost 27.6 pounds total in less than 3 months and 3.8 pounds since my last weigh in, even […]

Working on a New ME!

After doing so great at Easter, I started thinking about how I wanted my Cancun vacation to go and the mindset that I want to have.  I don’t want to  associate food with my memories of events,  activities, holidays, vacations….  Easter is a good example, it was a fun family day.  We had water gun […]


I feel like I had a pretty successful weekend.  I didn’t keep track of my calories or carbs yesterday, and I’m sure I went over my carbs because I had a few pita chips and watermelon chunks, but other than that I made some pretty good choices and I didn’t over eat.  We celebrated Easter […]

Smash Book – Smash Book – Smash Book

Time for a smash book update!!!!  Below are pictures of just the pages that I have updated recently.  I really love seeing this progression.  It’s a fun little project and a great way to stay accountable and on track. I finally decided what to do with this page.  I’m going to put pictures of my […]

Weigh In Day Got Me Down

I’m usually so excited for weigh in day, but not this week.  I’m one of those crazy people that weighs myself every day, so I had an idea what the numbers were going to be.  I told myself last night, the number didn’t matter, I would measure myself and that is where I would see […]

Week 3 Smash Book Update

I wanted to show the progress that I’m making on my smash book.  I took pictures of every page, some haven’t changed but most have. Front cover…. not done with it yet. My little bug had to give me a sticker for my smash book, so Mr Frog went on the first page.  It also […]

Keto Week 3 Goals

Wow starting the 3rd week already.  Crazy.  I’m still focusing on nutrition this month so my challenge for myself this week is to slow down…. eat slowly and chew chew chew.  With all the times I have had a scare of something getting stuck and my band is totally empty, I think I really need […]