Before I went to Cancun, I got a fill.  I was talking to my nutritionist about how I was going to stay on track while I was in Cancun and he basically said eat what you want, just eat less.  Then the next sentence he said… I expect to see a 3 pound loss.  OMG I was stressed about that.  My fill was on a Tuesday, I left for Cancun on Saturday and got back the following Saturday and then back to the office for another fill on Tuesday.  I got on the scale before I left on Saturday morning and I was 232.  So I was down the 3 pounds. So now I just had to not gain on vacation.  I didn’t think it was possible! I’m now sitting in my doctor’s office after being weighed and meeting with my nutritionist and I’m down 4 pounds since my appointment two weeks ago! What an accomplishment!  I feel so good about myself.  I will do a better post with more of an update by Thursday.  I was just so excited about my loss even on vacation!   


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