Working on a New ME!

After doing so great at Easter, I started thinking about how I wanted my Cancun vacation to go and the mindset that I want to have.  I don’t want to  associate food with my memories of events,  activities, holidays, vacations….  Easter is a good example, it was a fun family day.  We had water gun fights, played board games, played video games, took goofy pictures, I hung out with my older boys.  It was just a really fun day that didn’t revolve around food.  This was the mindset that I want to adopt.  I think it will take time to get there 100%, but it really needs to be my goal.

Before I went to Cancun I had this thought, and then I talked to my nutritionist at my fill appointment and asked him for tips to stay on track, his response….”this isn’t weight watchers, it’s not a short term diet, you are in this for the long haul.  Vacations aren’t every day, so just eat what you want to eat, but let your band do some work and eat less.  Try to keep your calories under control, but don’t stress over it.”  After basically giving me permission to carb up and eat like crap he throws out there “I expect to see a 3 pound loss when I see you back in 2 weeks.”  Um what?  THREE pounds after I just was mentally eating tamales and cheesecake and ice cream and lots of strawberry margaritas.  That brought me back to reality!  I went back to my original thoughts about not making my vacation focused around food and drinks, but about fun and activities.

I had a wonderful time on vacation.  I was conscious of carbs and what I was eating.  I ate smaller portions, but I never once felt like I was restricting myself.  I definitely didn’t eat like I would at home, but I didn’t go too crazy either.  I had a lot more carbs than I normally would with the fruity drinks and beer.  I allowed myself to have dessert twice and I didn’t even eat much of it.  We ate at buffets a couple times and I got enough to have a bite or two of each thing I wanted to try.  I was a little stressed that I was going to gain because in the past even having one day of eating off track and I would gain.  There were days where I told myself “I’m sticking to low carb and I’m not drinking fruity drinks!”  I brought some crystallite so my plan was to just mix a shot of vodka with my crystallite, then it would be no carb.  I always started out good with good intentions, but then gave in mid day.

But you know what, it actually worked out ok!  I got home and got on the scale and it didn’t hate me.  I was right where I was when I left, and after 2 days of drinking lots of water and eating clean I was even down a pound.  And now, only 6 days after I got home, I’m down almost 4 pounds!  I know that I can’t use that experience as my excuse to be able to go off the rails, and I still have a long way to go when it comes to changing that mindset, but I’m so proud of myself because as soon as I got home I got right back on track.  In the past a week of not being strict would derail me for months.  I’m a work in progress and I’m definitely making some!


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