I feel like I had a pretty successful weekend.  I didn’t keep track of my calories or carbs yesterday, and I’m sure I went over my carbs because I had a few pita chips and watermelon chunks, but other than that I made some pretty good choices and I didn’t over eat.  We celebrated Easter as well as my son’s 22nd birthday.  I had originally planned on making a keto cheesecake, but I didn’t.  Then I decided I would buy a cheesecake for the family to eat and I would make a single serving keto cheesecake for myself, but that didn’t happen either.  So I allowed myself to have a small sliver of cheesecake with a little spoonful of canned cherries.  I ate that and didn’t feel guilty, didn’t want more, didn’t have more sugar cravings and was right back on track this morning.  I will mention the biggest accomplishment again…. I didn’t overeat, I didn’t over indulge!

I made buffalo chicken dip, cut up lots of fresh veggies, served an artichoke jalapeño dip and hummus.  I set out tortilla chips and pita chips for my family and cut up watermelon because my 4 year old loves it.  We munched on those appetizers all afternoon, but I didn’t over indulge.

I made a plate and didn’t even finish what was on my plate.  (I did snag a few pita chips and watermelon though.)

For dinner my husband smoked a ham.  It was ah-maze-ing!

I also made a cheesy cauliflower casserole and sautéed green beans.  I made a caesar salad but totally forgot about it and it never came out of the fridge.  Does anyone notice what we are missing in this dinner?  CARBS!!!!!  Well, we almost went without carbs, but I did get the family some Kings Hawaiian rolls.  I didn’t have any though.  I also only drank half a glass of wine.

We had a really fun day!  The Easter Bunny brought everyone squirt guns, which led to a water fight.  We ended the night by playing a intense game of Simpson’s Clue…. Fat Tony used the Cobra to kill Mr. Burns in the Springfield History Room.

My crazy family!

The scale started moving down this weekend and then of course after the ham and cheesecake yesterday, it was back up this morning.  I’m hoping it will be back down tomorrow, but I ate left over ham for lunch and dinner today.  Not sure if it had a lot of sodium in it or not.  I have my third fill tomorrow, if my weight is still up tomorrow my nutritionist is never going to believe that I lose weight.  I always go in there telling him my scale is lower than his.  He probably thinks I’m looney!  But I took a picture of it yesterday so that no one can think I’m looney!  HA!

I’ve got to push push push this week.  I’m off to Cancun on Saturday, so I want to work hard this week.  I’m also trying to get a plan in my head for next week so I don’t undo all the good that I have been doing.  Any suggestions on how to stay on track?


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