Smash Book – Smash Book – Smash Book

Time for a smash book update!!!!  Below are pictures of just the pages that I have updated recently.  I really love seeing this progression.  It’s a fun little project and a great way to stay accountable and on track.

I finally decided what to do with this page.  I’m going to put pictures of my rewards as I earn them!


This page will be a collection of all of my losses for each month.  Quick and easy reference page to see how great I’ve done.

The start of my Month 2 page!  My reward for meeting my goal of daily activity is a pedicure.


This is my new work out tracker page.  Did you know that last month I earned $22 for my work outs.  So far this month I’ve already earned $11!  I’m pretty excited about that.  I haven’t decided what I will do with the money yet.  I’m contemplating just saving it and once this book is full and I have to switch to another book, then I will take it and spend it on something.  But I’m not sure yet.  What would you do with the money?

Here is my week 5 page all filled out and complete.

And the start of week 6.  I’m using two pages for week 6.



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