Tonight as I went out for a walk after dark just to make sure I reached my goal of 12,000 steps I started feeling exhausted.  Exhausted from always worrying about how many carbs are in something, making sure I’m getting enough protein, making sure I’m drinking enough water, walking enough steps, getting my workout in.  This whole process is so exhausting.

I read another blog today along these same lines and about finding the balance between weight loss and being healthy and the rest of your life.  I wonder if I will ever find a balance between the two.  I have such an addictive personality, so I traded my unhealthy food addiction for an addiction to making healthy choices and working out.  Obviously that’s a good trade, but it does get exhausting.  

Sunday I did something that was unrelated to my health.  Last fall I realized I am crafty!  I never thought I was creative or crafty, but my daughter wanted a minecraft birthday party and I went all out making decorations and food.  I had so much fun with it, so I started doing other crafts.  I handmade most of the Christmas present that I gave last year and they were cute!  I learned to crochet and made some really nice blankets.  Ok so back to Sunday….. I got a sewing machine for Christmas, so I made a huge tote bag for my trip to Cancun.  It’s not complete, I need to add the handles, but it turned out pretty decent.  I think I’m going to make one that is a little smaller.  I had a lot of fun making it and guess what I didn’t think about….. Food, weight loss, carbs, exercise!  (It helped that I already did my work out for the day). 

Maybe that is the key…. I need to pick a project to work on or activity to do with my family each weekend so I’m focusing on more than just my weight loss.  

Want to see the bag I made?  Of course you do!  

made out of oil cloth

Did I mention it is huge? Big enough to fit a 4 year old in!


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