Are You Ready For Monday?

Not really sure where the weekend went, but it’s gone again.  I haven’t been super happy with the scale.  Tuesday was 233, Wednesday was 233, Thursday was 231.8, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was 234.  WTF?  On Friday I thought it was just water weight because I haven’t eaten anything at all to cause the scale to go up.  I didn’t drink much water Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and I didn’t exercise any of those days.  Thursday I walked and did couch to 5k, drank 120 oz of water, ate perfect, and went tanning.  So I was thinking that maybe my body was holding onto the water, but since then I have drank 140 oz of water each day, worked out and ate great.  I’m really hoping that I will see a huge drop on the scale.

At my appointment on Tuesday I got the all clear to start doing weight exercises, so Friday I did my first one.  I did a 18 minute kettle bell routine.  I wasn’t too sore from the work out, but I felt like I worked hard.  My next one is on Tuesday.

I upped my step goal from 10,000 steps a day to 12,000 steps a day.  Thursday and Friday I had to go out and walk after dark to get my last few steps in to meet my goal.  This weekend was a whole different story.  Both Saturday and this morning I got 10,000 steps just from my work out.  Yesterday I finished the day with almost 18,000 steps and today I have over 15,000.  Boy do my feet hurt!

I had a Non Scale Victory (NSV) yesterday, I was able to put on my size 16W capris.  Last week I was wearing my size 18W, they were pretty big, but I still wasn’t able to comfortably wear my 16Ws.  Can’t wait until I can fit into 14s.

 I decided I’m going to take pictures of everything that I’m eating and post it at the end of the day on my instagram as a way of accountability.  I’m trying to see if there is anything hidden in what I’m eating that is causing the scale to sit where it is.  Here is a peak at what I ate today.  1358 cal, 105g fat (72%), 75g protein (23%), 19g net carbs (6%), 140+ oz of water, 84 min walking.

Here’s to a new week!


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