Weigh In Day – New Month…. New Goals

Today is weigh in day!  This is the end of my first 4 weeks on Keto and almost the end of my first 2 months on this journey.  I have been doing great.  First I will tell about my successes for this month and then overall.

This month I lost 10.8 pounds and 5.4 pounds in body fat and I earned $22 for doing my workouts and my reward of some Coach flip flops for staying on track all month.  I’m pretty proud of myself this month and ready to start my new month.  I can definitely see a difference in my face and neck.

I only tracked hips and waist measurements in this app, so that is what the total inches lost is from.

My overall accomplishments so far, since January 31, 2015 I have lost 24.6 pounds and 14.6 pounds of body fat.  I not only earned the stuff for this month, but I also earned my first charm for my weight loss charm bracelet.

I didn’t take a picture on 1/31/2015.

To keep my momentum going, I set some new goals for this month.  This month I’m focusing on fitness.  My goal for the month is to do some kind of purposeful activity every day.  My reward for meeting this goal is a pedicure.  My challenge for this first week is to get over 12,000 steps each day.  I’ve also planned work outs for this week.  I’m sticking with the couch to 5k program, I will be doing week 3 day 3 and week 4 days 1-3.  I’m also adding in 2 kettle bell work outs this week, maybe 3.  I confirmed with my doctor that I don’t have any more weight restrictions so I’m ready to go!

Today I started the day with walking a mile and then starting week 3 day 3 on the C25K program.  Tonight I had just over 10,000 steps, so I went outside and walked up and down my driveway several times until I got my 12,000 steps.  Tomorrow I’m planning on a walk and then a 20 minute kettle bell routine.

This week I’m also cutting back my carbs some more.  I’m cutting out the fruit and I’m going to try to stick the best that I can to mostly fat and protein and see what kind of affect that has on me.  It just amazes me that I have basically lost all this weight on my own, (without the aid of the band) I really wish I would have cut the carbs like this in the past.  Last summer when I was eating healthy and working out like a crazy person, I thought I was doing the right things but I still wasn’t losing.  I was eating good carbs like sweet potatoes and squash and fruit, not grains or sugar or anything like that.  Now I know, even good carbs are not going to work for me if I want to lose weight.  I hope someday I can eat good carbs again, I can’t imagine never having fruit again.  I know that at some point I can have them occasionally, but I really hope that once I’m done losing, I can get to a point where I can have some fruit or some other form of good carb at least once a day.

I’ve been updating my smash book too.  I have a couple more additions to make and then I will post some progress pictures of it.

I’m ready to kick the crap out of this month!  I have a goal of losing 7 more pounds before I head to Cancun on April 11th.



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