Interesting Day

Today started with my awesome number on the scale.  2 pounds lost on vacation!  Woo hoo!

My kiddo is pretty sick so I took him to the doctor.  The verdict is bronchitis.  Poor kid.  But he was still smiling and such a good boy all day.

smiley kid even with a fever and bronchitis

After his doctor appointment I had an appointment to get my 2nd fill.  He put 2 more cc’s in my band for a total of 4cc’s.  It was kind of snug.  Water went down pretty slow and it’s pretty sore there now.  He said the purpose of this one is to slow my eating down.  Yay, I need help with that.

We talked about my trip to cancun that will happen right after my next fill.  I’m thinking I will be sticking to a pretty liquid diet, but hopefully more than just vodka and crystalite!  He said he would give me an fill needle just in case I get a pineapple or something stuck.  I can go to the ER and have them ‘Unfill’ me.  Not sure that sounds like fun and probably not something my bestie will get too excited about either!

Tonight I’m having more carbs than I should but I’m starving.  I had a rockin refuel drink earlier and now I’m sipping some broccoli and cheddar soup.  I might have some instant breakfast later.  Lunch tomorrow I can start mushies, so I should do better then with chia seeds and avocado and cottage cheese.  Then it’s totally back on track and shooting for 225 by Cancun!


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