Time For A Change

I need to figure out a way to change my thinking. Maybe it will change as time goes by, maybe I need to do something to change it.  I’m not sure.

Over the years I have been on diet after diet, I start out all gung ho and make healthy choices when I go out for lunch with friends.  I order the salad and slurp down the water while they munch on the soft but crusty bread and butter, or scoop up the salsa with chips and order the pasta or enchiladas for lunch.  In the moment I feel good about my choice but then I fall down on the diet at some point and never really recover and then I do two things ….. Think “why didn’t I eat the bread and pasta – I didn’t stick with the diet so why did I torture myself?”  And I “make up” for the healthy choices the next time I eat out and order the worst thing.

After dinner on Saturday my thoughts went to…. “Should I have just ordered something not so good?  Am I going to regret not enjoying the food when I fail on this diet too?”

I need to figure out how to stop this thought process.  I also need to stop calling this a diet, this is my life now.  When I think of diet, I think of short term to lose weight.  That is not what this is, right now I might be a little more strict with the things I eat, but this is how I want to eat for life.  In the future I will up my carbs a little and have the occasional treat that is more than fruit, but I will have to watch my carbs for the rest of my life.

This is something I’m going to start working on.



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