End of Vacation…..

Today is the last day of vacation and we are going home to a sick kiddo.  What timing… My poor mother-in-law has been taking care of him.  The fever just started yesterday, but there is nothing worse than a sick kid, and I’m not there to snuggle with him….YET

We had a great vacation, lots of activity and I ate pretty well.  I was worried about these last two day since it was all eating out, but I made great choices.  Kept my carbs low, I don’t think I went over 32 net carbs.  My calories were a little high every day this vacation, but with all the activity, I’m ok with that.

My restaurant tips….

  1. Request the gluten free menu
  2. Stay away from low fat
  3. Stay away from the vinaigrettes
  4. Choose ranch, blue cheese, or Caesar dressing – the creamy dressings have little to no carbs
  5. Ask if there is sugar in the sauces
  6. Ask for a side of avocado or guacamole
  7. Keep it simple – steak or grilled chicken, veggies, healthy fat

We went to TGIFridays on Saturday night, I got the flat iron steak with steamed broccoli and tomato mozzarella salad, I ate about half of each and drank 24 oz of water and was stuffed!  Breakfast was at the hotel, I really wanted eggs Benedict so I did, all I ate was the egg, ham and hollandaise sauce.  I will admit, it was tough not to take at lease one bite of the English muffin sopped up in the sauce, but I didn’t do it!

Lunch was a salad from Z’tejas.  Funny story…. Just remember that a server doesn’t always know the ins and outs of the way you eat.  I was having a hard time making up my mind so she asked if I had questions, so I told her I was looking for something low carb and asked what she recommended.  She answered very passionately “the jerk chicken salad and we will take the tortilla strips off and put the sesame vinaigrette on the side”. My response, “does the dressing have any sugar?”  With a puzzled look “it’s low fat”. I chose to get a side of ranch instead of the dressing that went with it.  Otherwise that choice was perfect.  The website has the recipe for the salad so I was able to see the ingredients in the jerk rub, besides the small amount of tomatoes and lettuce I ate, my lunch was very low carb.  Oh and we tried this yummy tea…. Now I need to find where it’s sold!

I was kind of tired of simple foods so we decided to check out Whole Foods and see what we could find for dinner.  Oh my!  The was the biggest Whole Foods I had ever seen.  They had so much hot and cold ready to eat foods. Everything had the ingredients listed.  It was wonderful.  I really wish that we had a Whole Foods close to us.  It would be a blessing and a curse!  It would make life so easy when we don’t feel like cooking and want healthy options.  But I would spend way too much money!  I went with some chili verde chicken, seasoned ground beef, a little sour cream, tomatoes and olives, and then I threw some roasted veggies and a couple artichoke hearts on top.  Weird combo but it was good!  They also had a ‘no potato – potato salad’, it’s made with cauliflower and it was good.

Breakfast this morning was some Kerrygold Sweet Cheddar cheese and some flax seed crackers I found at Whole Foods.  Yum!  Oh and I can’t forget my breve cappuccino!  (All for less than 9 net carbs)

Lots of steps happened yesterday.  We started at the beach in the morning and enjoyed a beautiful 2 mile walk.  Walking in soft sand is not easy!

love this dress, size LARGE!

After the beach we went to the mall and spent a couple hours walking that whole thing.  I really should have turned my tracker on to see how many miles hat was.  In total, I got 14,574 steps yesterday.

One of the reasons we went to the mall was to get a charm for my charm bracelet. One of my motivation/rewards for weight loss is a Pandora charm bracelet to signify my journey.  I bought the bracelet itself last summer when I was making some progress and I picked out 5 charms that I want for different weight loss milestones.  They are all butterfly theme, to signify shedding the cocoon and revealing something beautiful.  I’m thinking of getting a butterfly tattoo once I reach my goal too.  Since I hit my 20lb goal I earned my first charm.

pandora butterfly garden

I earn the next one after I lose 24 more pounds.  I can’t wait to have a full bracelet!

I hope the scale is nice to me tomorrow!  It’s been a great vacation with my husband no matter what the scale says!


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