“The Great Outdoors”

Halfway throughout trip.  The first part was spent at the Pines Resort in Bass Lake, CA.  Did you know the movie “The Great Outdoors” with John Candy and Dan Aykroyd was filmed there?  Of course we had to watch it while we were there!

The first day was spent in the car for about 10 hours.  Breakfast was my usual at home, lunch was a salad from chipotle except I didn’t eat the lettuce and no dressing, I added guacamole and sour cream and dinner was half of a guacamole turkey burger no bun from Carl’s jr. I only snacked on some almonds during the drive.

The second day was good too.  Our cabin has a full kitchen so we got some groceries.  Breakfast was my usual cottage cheese and a small amount of berries, lunch was a salad with Applegate Farms turkey, tillamook cheese, lighthouse Greek yogurt ranch dressing and some crushed pork rinds.  We went out for dinner, I feel like I did great.  I chose grilled fish tacos, it was their gluten free option.  I didn’t eat the corn tortillas, just the fish, cabbage, and avocado salsa.  It was really good, but I was still hungry after so I had a handful of macadamia nuts.

We went on a 4 mile hike and then walked around the resort.  Total was about 2 1/2 hours of activity.  My edmondo app said I burned about 1500 calories which explains my hunger after dinner.

One thing I had that wasn’t the best choice was some tequila.  I started drinking it with a 0 carb 0 calorie margarita mix but it was way too sweet, so I switched to straight shots!  I had no carbs, but over 400 calories in tequila and the next day I paid for it with a miserable headache and a huge appetite.  The combo of this made it really hard to make healthy choices.

I did ok except ate a square or two too many of dark chocolate and I ate 1/8th of a huge baked potato.  We grilled steak on the bbq and I decided I wanted to cheat but not get crazy.  We bought a huge potato and baked it up, I took a quarter of it, and then started with my steak, salad, sautéed onions and mushrooms and then only had a couple bites of the potato and I was full.  Very happy with that.

We went for an hour long walk on Friday.  Our cabin was up a hill and we walked up it twice.  My legs and butt were not happy.

Today we are  headed to Costa Mesa, Ca for two nights.  Before we got on the road we went for another hike.  Oh my!  This one killed.  It was mostly straight up and my calves were screaming the whole way.  But it was so worth it. The view half way up was beautiful!

Nice to do before spending about 6 hours in the car today.  Today I started with cottage cheese and blueberries, we stopped at el pollo loco for lunch and I had chicken and avocado.

I feel really good about how I’ve eaten and all the activity that we have done so far, but I will confess, it’s really scary without my scale.  It’s like I’m partially blind and I’m not able to keep a good eye on my progress.  We get home on Monday, I think I will try my hardest to not weight myself until Wednesday.  That will at least give my body a chance to adjust back to being home.  I’m sure I will retain water just sitting in the car all day on Monday.  I know me though, I won’t be able to stay off the scale.  I’m just so worried I will be disappointed.

Enough about the scale…. My next worry is the next two days, it’s all eating out.  I’ve scoped out some places that serve paleo friendly food, so I should be ok there.  I’ve also done pretty good the couple times we have eaten out, but it’s still scary.  I just have to take it one choice at a time.

I will leave you with this awesome green Fitbit recap for Thursday!  


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