Week 3 Smash Book Update

I wanted to show the progress that I’m making on my smash book.  I took pictures of every page, some haven’t changed but most have.

Front cover…. not done with it yet.

My little bug had to give me a sticker for my smash book, so Mr Frog went on the first page.  It also reminds me of one reason I’m on this journey…. my kids and my family.

The next page is basically my ‘cover page’.  I’m going to come up with a logo for my blog and that will go on this page also.

My motivation and inspiration page.  I haven’t added anything to this page since I first updated it.

My lose/lost page.  I had seen others where they had images of two jars, one for ‘to lose’ and one for ‘lost’, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to make that work to where you could move the pounds from one to the other.  I went to Hobby Lobby and looked at some of the option.  I thought about cork with pins, I thought about chalk board paper, but then I would have to have chalk too.  Then I saw dry erase paper.  Bingo!  I already have dry erase pens so this would work.  I’m not that great at drawing and cutting (guess that was the one skill I failed in Kindergarten)  So below is here is what I did.  In my next book, I might do the cork with pins, that seems like a cute idea too.

Here is my positive and negative thoughts pages.  I changed them a little because I haven’t been really keeping up with them.  I really liked the Best Thing and Worst Thing of each day, like I posted in my blog the other day.  It’s nice to see the good things that have happened and it’s nice to see that the worst things are really that horrible.  So that’s what I’m going to start doing.


Here we go with progress pictures.  This will help with motivation for sure!

Measurements for 3 months.

Recipes…. Yum!  I really need some pictures on here.  It looks pretty boring.

Here is my Month 1 page.  The only thing I added here was the stars on the calendar for each day that I’m on track.  I was thinking of gold stars, really, who doesn’t want a gold star?  Right?  It makes you feel good when you get a gold star!  I didn’t see any gold stars that I really liked at Hobby Lobby, so I went with some silver holographic type stars.  They will do the job.

My money page!  I’ve added lots of dollars since I posted last time.  My husband is pretty much financing this.  Every time he has ones, I force him to give them to me.  Ha!  I’m up to $12 now.  Woo Hoo.

Week 1 page complete.  Love how it turned out.

Week 2 page complete.  Kind of messy, but hey this is a living book right?

The start of my week 3 page.  Love it already.  I had a little more time to work on it last night than I did when I started the week 2 page.

And another part of week 3.  This picture is from this morning before I went on my walk!

There you have it.  Hopefully it will inspire you to do something similar to track your journey.


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