Keto Week 3 Goals

Wow starting the 3rd week already.  Crazy.  I’m still focusing on nutrition this month so my challenge for myself this week is to slow down…. eat slowly and chew chew chew.  With all the times I have had a scare of something getting stuck and my band is totally empty, I think I really need to focus on this so that nothing gets stuck now that my band is a little inflated.

I’m also going to change up how I’m eating this week and just see how it works out.
The plan is:
Breakfast: Chia cereal with berries
Lunch: Protein Shake
Dinner: Protein Shake
Snacks will be high fat items like almond butter, avocado, guacamole, coconut oil, cheese, coconut milk.

If I’m hungry beyond my breakfast, lunch and dinner (which I know I will be), then it’s fat.

I don’t really have any real expectations for this week, I just want to see how it goes.  If it works out well, then I will continue it until my Cancun trip in April.

I got my plan, so bring on the week!



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