Best and Worst…..

I’m slacking on my posts.  Lets see, let me think of the best thing and the worst thing from Sunday, Monday and today.

 Sunday: Best thing…. it’s tie between my breakfast and my walk.  I had my first experience with Chia seeds and hemp seeds. Chia Seed Cereal….. It was so delicious, only 1 net carb, lots of fiber and even lots of protein.  Recipe to follow.

Then my walk.  I really didn’t want to walk on Sunday.  For some reason I was super sore.  Then I saw the hot air balloons outside.  There was a lot of them out there, and I wanted to get a better look, so I had to go for my walk.  I’m so glad that I did. My pictures aren’t the best though and this isn’t even close to half of all of the hot air balloons that were in the sky.  There was one of Smokey The Bear’s head and there was one of a bumble bee, among many others.

Smokey the Bear

Smokey the Bear


Worst thing….. being sore.  My back, my legs, my hips and my feet were so sore.  I walked almost 5 miles on Friday, over 4 on Saturday plus shopping all day Saturday and then walked almost 3 miles on Sunday.  I think all that is what made me sore.

Monday: Best thing…. my 20 year started a new job!  Definitely the best thing that happened on Monday.  A close second was the fact that I was hungry, I know that doesn’t see like a great thing, but it was just one of those days where I was really hungry.  Instead of not allowing myself to eat when I was hungry, I ate.  But everything I ate was in my plan, higher fat and within my macros.  I easily kept my carbs under 30.

Worst thing….. picking up my 20 year old from work at 1am.  He really needs his license!  The thing that came in as a close 2nd, I didn’t walk.  I was still so sore, so I skipped the walk.

Today:  Best thing…. lost 2 pounds!  Still got a long way to go…. but I am on my way!

Oh and I got my Tessamae’s order!  Paleo Mayo that I didn’t have to make!

Worst thing…. I’m going to have to do that 1am pick up again.  Did I mention he really needs his license?

Dinner tonight was delicious.  Salisbury steak with mushroom gravy.  Yum!  My family also had rice with theirs.

Thursday is official weigh in day and it’s my 1 month bandiversary AND my first fill.  For a little info on the band, basically it is an inflatable band that goes around just below the opening of your stomach.  When they put it in it’s totally empty.  You need about 4 weeks to let your stomach heal and then they will start filling your band with a solution to make it inflate.  They don’t inflate it to max capacity right away, it’s done over time with small adjustments.  The first fill will help define my “pouch”.  I think of this more like a funnel.  The pouch will be the top of the funnel where food will sit while it’s slowly going through the stomach opening.  Each time you get a fill, the band gets a little tighter and the stomach opening gets a little smaller so you need to chew your food better and it takes longer for the food to go from the pouch into the stomach.  By the time my band is full, my nutritionist said it will have an opening about the size of a nickel.  Now everyone is different and each person needs their band filled to a different level for optimal weight loss.  My doctor said that it won’t be until the 4th fill that it will actually help suppress my appetite, but he said I would get them every 2-3 weeks until it’s at the right level for me.

After each fill you can only drink ‘full liquids’ for 24 hours and then mushy/pureed foods for 24 hours, then you can go back to eating like normal.  I’ve been thinking about this a bit because I will start the ‘full liquids’ on Thursday.  I’ve got some things coming up that I really want to lose some more weight for.  Cancun with my bestie for our big 4-0 bdays in April and my brother’s wedding in May.  I would love to be about 50 pounds thinner, but that’s never gonna happen in that time frame!  Ha!  But I think another 10 pounds by Cancun is do-able and then 10 more pounds for my brother’s wedding.  So I’m going to switch up my eating a little bit.  I’m still doing Keto, I’m just going to be doing more protein shakes than I am right now.  I’m going to experiment with it for a week starting Thursday when I’m stuck drinking them anyway and see how I do.  So wish me luck!!!!  four leaf clover


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