Pop Challenge Results

It took me a little while to figure out my meal plan, but I’ve got it and I’ve gone grocery shopping.  I may end up moving these different meals around, except for Thursday and Friday.  I get my first fill on Thursday, so I want to eat a decent breakfast and then I will be on protein shakes for a day and mushy foods for a day.  I’ve got some better ideas for mushy foods that are low carb.  I can have cottage cheese and mushed up berries, guacamole, chia ‘cereal’ or chia pudding and cauliflower/chicken casserole – just really mushed up.  That should keep me in ketosis during those two days.

Here is my plan for the next week.

Sunday: Keto pancakes
Monday: Cottage cheese and berries
Tuesday: Chia hot cereal
Wednesday: raisin toast w/cream cheese (Julian’s Bakery bread made with almond flour)
Thursday:  Cottage cheese and berries, raisin toast /cream cheese
Friday: Protein Shake

Sunday: Deviled Eggs
Monday: Turkey and cream cheese
Tuesday: Meat and Irish cheese and flax seed crackers
Wednesday: Egg salad on almond bread  (Julian’s Bakery bread made with almond flour)
Thursday: Protein Shake
Friday: Protein Shake

Sunday: Salisbury Steak & broccoli
Monday: Thai style chicken in peanut sauce
Tuesday: Pork skewers
Wednesday: Cauliflower chicken casserole
Thursday: Protein Shake
Friday: cottage cheese and berries

Artichoke w/ranch
Baby bell
Hard boiled egg
Protein shake
Chia Pudding


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