Weigh In Day!

Today is weigh in day. I want to just say, I am happy with my overall weight loss for the week, BUT, it was lower on Tuesday. The last couple days of being sick, not walking and not drinking enough water hasn’t been nice on the scale. I should have a little bit lower of a loss for the week, but I am happy with the loss I am showing on the scale.

So with that, today I told myself I was going to walk, but work got in the way.  I wasn’t able to walk in the morning because I had to take my son to his orientation for his new job, then as soon as I got back I was consumed with work.  I had planned on going around lunch or in the afternoon, but that never happened.  So it is happening tomorrow…. a long one!

The other thing I told myself today is that I was going to drink more water.  I’ve been drinking lots of chai tea since I have been sick, so I decided that every time I get a cup of tea, I had to drink 24 oz of water first.  It worked, I got in 96 oz of water today and will probably drink at least 8 oz more before bed.

Lunch was super yum!  I used my paleo wraps again and I filled one with some chopped up rotisserie chicken breast, mixed that with some ranch dressing and lettuce and wrapped it.  It was so good and so filling.  (371 calories, 6 net carbs, 2 g fiber, 27g fat, 24g protein)  So far, I really love these wraps!

Then I got these lovely gems in the mail today.  I wasn’t super happy when I first saw them, I meant to order the variety pack, but apparently I did something wrong and got a whole box of this one flavor.  So I stopped pouting and tried one for my morning snack.  OMFG, have you ever ate one of these things?  Pure heaven!  It was the consistency of cookie dough.  It does have a slight chemical aftertaste, but not bad enough that I am bothered by it.  The one thing that I’m not sure about is that it has 25g carbs, 16g of fiber and 6g of sugar alcohol (it has erythritol in it).  The package says it has 3 net carbs, and I know on atkins you subtract the fiber and sugar alcohol from the carbs to get the net carbs, but I’m not positive if you do the same when you are doing keto.  I tried to research it today, but didn’t really get any definitive answers, or maybe just not the answer I want.  Ha!  I will keep researching.  But still even if it ends up being 9 net carbs, that isn’t bad for a yummy treat like this that has 20 g of protein.

I also got some protein chips from the same company.  Haven’t tried them yet.

Oh! And!  I was looking at buying chia seeds on amazon, have you ever read the reviews on chia seeds?  I’m not so sure I want to buy them.  I read reviews for a couple different brands that people found twigs and dirt and rocks and mouse turds mixed in with their chia seeds.  Seriously?  Mouse turds!  I found one brand that doesn’t have any reviews like that, but I’m still hesitant and a little scared.  If you eat chia seeds, what brand do you like?  Have you ever found anything like that in your chia seeds?


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