Keto Week 2 Goals

Did you know that March is national nutrition month?  I didn’t even know that when I decided that my focus would be on nutrition this month.  For the whole month my goal is to stay on track with my eating for 30 days in a row.  So far, week 1 is done and successful.  My challenge last week was to only eat when I am hungry and stop when I’m mostly full.  I did pretty good with that.  I think I need to do that challenge again though, it’s hard since I’m still getting used to the band.  The first night I over did it just because I was trying to get my protein requirement met so I drank a protein shake when I really wasn’t hungry and then I was miserable for a while because I was stuffed.  So that is a challenge I will have to keep coming back to.

This week, since I struggled last week with drinking enough water, my challenge is to drink at least 96 ounces of water each day.

And now for my smash book update:

I added a page for my picture progress and my measurements.  Since this book will only hold about 3 months of fun, I only have my measurements on here for 3 months.

I decided to reward myself with $1 for each work out that’s 40 minutes or more.  If it’s 80 minutes, then $2.  And I’m glueing the corner to this page, once the month is up then I can take that money and put it towards whatever my reward is for the month.  (As long as I have earned that reward.)  If I didn’t earn the reward, then I can either roll the money over to the next month or buy myself some little treat for all the great work I put in during the month.

These are my finished week one pages.  I added all the pop challenge from the week and filled in all my tracking.

And here is the start of week 2.  I might switch out my weekly tracking card at the bottom, it looks too messy.  I’m loving the smash book though.  I really think it will be a great motivator to look back at and see how far I’ve come as I keep losing and getting healthier.  I also need to work on that meal plan.  I need to get it done so I can go grocery shopping this weekend.


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