Pop Challenge #2

I’m having a hard time getting my fiber consumption in a good range.  It’s recommended that you eat at least 25g of fiber each day and for the most part mine is less than 10g.

My pop challenge for today is to find 10 foods that are high fiber and will still fit in my total net carb range for the day.

Fiber is important because it helps in digestion and keeps you feeling full longer.

That is the challenge for today.  I will post my finds tomorrow.  Post yours in the comments.

Happy Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Pop Challenge #2

  1. I made Flax seed crackers, they are zero net carbs, lots of fiber ! 1 cup Flax seed meal, 1 cup water, lots of seasoning (popcorn seasoning works great) mix with a fork, it gets thick after a bit. Spoon out onto wax paper, spread thin, microwave for 3 minutes, then 1 more minute at a time till crispy. They don’t taste like much, but you can dip them in stuff, spread cheese on them, yummy!

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