Keto Day 3 Recap 

Started the day with a 4.5 mile walk in an hour and 19 min.  Felt pretty good, but now I’m sore.

I’m working on 96 ounces of water again today.

Just had breakfast, Keto style pancakes with strawberries and a yummy coffee made with coconut oil, half and half, sugar free vanilla torani and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Yum.

I didn’t quite make it through the whole thing though.

Great start to my day!

So far I seem to be losing weight doing what I’m doing.  But I’m gonna keep the number a secret until weigh in day on Thursday.

Dinner was just ok.  I made mini turkey meatloaves but cooked them too long, they were dry.  But I also made a broccoli and cauliflower dish that was pretty yummy.  And I ate a little too much I think.  Oops

Stats for the day:

1142 calories, 25g net carbs, 86g fat, 65g protein, 120 oz water, 79 min walk, 14,854 steps

Not too bad, a little low on the protein though.

Breakfast: Keto pancakes with 1/4 cup strawberries, Keto coffee Lunch: GNC Total Lean 25 vanilla shake Dinner: Mini Turkey Meatloaf and broccoli/cauliflower casserole Snack: 1 tblsp almond butter

Oh and look at all my green for the day:


2 thoughts on “Keto Day 3 Recap 

    • Yep it is, but I’m trying to do healthy fat. I will do a post in the next couple days with more info on how it works. You could do it, except for the no bread part…. But u can still have peanut butter lol


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