Keto Day 2 Recap

The day is off to a good start!  Finished my 45 min walk, drank my first 24 oz of water (only 72 more to go), decided to drink my protein early so that’s done, and my hubby brought me a tall decaf breve flat white from Starbucks! It is so yummy and doesn’t need any sweetener!

Well bummer…. The breve flat white didn’t work out for me as well as I was hoping.  It ended up having 15 carbs in it.  I couldn’t actually find nutrition for it so I used the nutrition for a tall breve latte and figure it should be close. So that will have to be kept as a “once in a while treat”.  I cut out my biotin and calcium chews for today to keep my total net carbs in line.

How did you do on the pop challenge?  I drank my 96 ounces by dinner time!  I’m working on an extra 24 ounces now.

Another great day on keto.  For breakfast I had my protein shake and my coffee, lunch was left over egg salad, and dinner was left over chicken and cauliflower casserole.  (Check out my instagram for pictures)  When I was putting my 1/2 cup of casserole in my bowl tonight, my middle son asked me if I was starving all the time since I was eating such small portions, but amazingly I’m not.

Stats for today:
1199 calories, 86g fat, 26g net carbs, 78g protein, 96+oz water, 45 min walk


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