Week 2 Weigh In day!!!!

Weigh in day!!!!  Drum Roll…… I lost half a pound since last week.  I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since surgery and 4 weeks since I started my pre-op diet.

1/31/15: 256.4

2/19/15: 242.8

2/26/13: 242.2

14.2 pounds in 4 weeks.  Not too bad.  That makes me happy.  Hopefully I can continue with at least 10 pounds every 4 weeks for a couple months.  I would be happy with more of course.  🙂

I decided to measure my hips just to see if I lost anything there and I did lose 1.5 inches, so I am happy about that.  I’m also happy that I lost half a pound and didn’t gain.  I’m starting soft foods today, so that means lower carb than I have been, so hopefully I will have a decent loss on the scale next week.

The bottom left picture is the Arizona Cardinals Stadium where the super bowl was held this year.

I’ve been walking every day and each day I’ve walked longer.  The last couple days it has been about an hour.  Yesterday I took some pictures along my walk.  This time of year is so beautiful in Arizona.  I also jogged a little bit yesterday, for 2 full songs.  Woo Hoo.  I need to get back into my couch to 5k program and then find a 5k to train for to keep me motivated.

I promised that I would post about my goals in this post.  I don’t have them totally figured out but I will give an idea of what I’m doing.  Each month I’m going to focus on one thing.  This month is going to be nutrition.  (I will still be doing other things like exercise – it just won’t be my main focus)  I will give myself weekly challenges and some challenges throughout the week.  I want to make this journey a well rounded journey not just a journey focused on weight loss.  As of right now, I’m thinking Nutrition, Fitness, De-cluttering my house, and saving money…. Those are the things I want to focus on each month.
As I mentioned, the focus this month is nutrition.  Feb 26th – March 26th

Goal for the month: Stay on track for 30 days in a row

   Reward:   Something craft related – (I haven’t decided exactly what yet)

Week 1 Challenge: Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re mostly full.

I’m going to try a ketogenic type diet this month and see how I do.  The idea of this is a low carb (less than 30 g a day), high fat, moderate protein.  I can’t let my protein fall below 70 grams.  This is my plan, but it could change after I talk to my nutritionist on Monday, that will be my first post-op appointment.  I should have my first fill in about 2 weeks.  I can’t wait to get my band working!

I wrote my meal plan for the week, well I wrote down some ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for this week.  As I try some of these recipes I will post links to them if they turn out good.


Food Net Carb Fat Protein Calories
GNC Total Lean 3 6 25 170
Coffee – cream & Coconut oil

1/4 c Heavy Cream

2 tblsp Coconut oil













Coffee – half & half & Coconut oil

1/4 c half and half

1 tblsp Coconut oil













1 cream cheese pancake 2 15 9 189
Scotch Egg 2 9 15 127


Food Net Carb Fat Protein Calories
GNC Total Lean 3 6 25 170
Egg Salad 1 20 13 245
Hard Boiled Eggs


Food Net Carb Fat Protein Calories
Cauliflower/Chicken Casserole 7 20 40 376
Mini Turkey Meatloaf 2 8 9 107
Asian Meatballs 1 3 6 56
Taco Salad (Beef, lettuce, tomato, olives, sour cream)
Taco Chile Relleno Casserole 7 19 26 314


Food Net Carb Fat Protein Calories
GNC Total Lean 3 6 25 170
Cheesecake Cupcake 2 20 5 217

So there you have it…. My plan for this week.  I’m going to work on my smash/scrapbook this weekend, I will post more about it as I go.

You are more than welcome to do my challenges with me.  Who couldn’t benefit from focusing on your nutrition for 30 days and going back to basics?!?  Keep it simple!

  1. Plan what type of eating plan you want to follow
  2. plan your meals for week one
  3. get started and only eat when you are hungry and stop when you are mostly full.

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