Still Recovering….

I’m a week and 1 day post op now.  This is my second day of eating mushy/pureed foods.  Right now I’m feeling like I could eat anything!  Not that I want to eat some specific, I just keep forgetting that I can’t just eat a meatball or something.

Got my butt outside and walked again today.  I walked the same exact route as yesterday and did it 7 minutes faster.  Tomorrow I plan on walking for 45 min.  I’m hoping that by next Saturday I will feel ready to start jogging again.  Well, I’m hoping sooner than that, but I want to give myself a chance to really heal.

On to the next day….

Hunger woke me up at 4:00am.   It was so bad my stomach hurt.  I got up and had a glass of instant breakfast and went back to bed.  I’ve made a decision that while I’m getting through the mushy period I’m not going to worry about carbs, I will keep my calorie intake low, in the range my nutritionist wants me in and I will walk everyday.  Once I’m able to eat regular food and have more options, I will go back to low carb.


Today I had a walking partner…..A pretty cute one too!  Well he rode his bike and I walked.  I walked 2.16 miles in 35 minutes.  He definitely kept my pace up, but I will admit I’m a little sore now.  Well, by the end of the walk, I was sore on the side that my port is and I’m starving!  I just had some cream of wheat and I’m drinking a protein drink.

I’ve been reading the forums on  Reading about all the people that have essentially failed on lapband really scares me.  I know this isn’t a magic solution that is going to fix everything, but I really don’t want this to be just another diet gimmick that doesn’t work.  It’s something I will have to work at every day.


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