Recovery Day 1-5

For the most part I just sleep and drink broth and water and sleep some more.  It really hurts to get up, so when I get up to go to the bathroom I try to walk around the house a bit before I sit back down.  I know I should be walking more but uggg.

The first two nights I had to sleep upright in my recliner, but on the 3rd night I decided to try to lay flat on the couch, and I didn’t have any problems.  After my hiatal hernia repair surgery, it was days before I could lay flat because of the gas they put in me, but this time the gas doesn’t seem as bad.

Day 1-4 is clear liquids only.  Broth, water, crystallite. 

I’m now drinking about 4 cups of broth each day and at least 24 oz of crystallite.  I started cutting back on the pain killers on day 3.

Day 3: My stomach started making lots of gurgling and growling noises and I have diarrhea now.  I also woke up in the middle of the night starving.  My stomach hurt so bad, so I got up and had a cup of  bone broth.  That seemed to help.
It’s also valentines day today.  My husband is great, he bought me flowers, 2 crochet hooks with nice handles, and a new charm for my Pandora bracelet.  And thankfully No chocolates!  Unfortunately my 4 year old brought home all his candy from his class party.  OMG…. I really want a piece of his chocolate, instead I had a popsicle.

Day 4:  Today I’m not feeling as sore, but I’m still so tired.  I’m supposed to take the pain meds every 4 hours, it’s now been 8 hours since I took one.  That’s a great sign.  Today is the first day I can take a shower, but I don’t have any energy to do that.  I think I will take a nap and then hopefully I will feel like a shower after my nap.

I had so many things I was going to do while I was recovering.  I have 2 crochet projects I’m working on so I was going to finish those.  So far the only thing I have done is a ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ marathon and sleep.  I don’t really feel up to anything else unfortunately.  I’m exhausted and would rather just lie down.

I have been worrying about what I’m going to eat once I can start the puréed foods.  Mashed potatoes and cream of wheat sound so good, but I don’t want to go back to high carb foods after just finishing two weeks of really low carb.  That’s something I need to think about and plan for.

Day 5-7 is full liquids.  All the clears, milk, protein drinks, etc.

Day 5: Today I am so hungry and feel so weak.  Taking a shower took all my energy. I posted a question on the Facebook group that the nutritionists from my doctors office are the admins. I basically asked if day 1 is the day of surgery or the day after.  One of the nutritionists confirmed that day 1 is the day of surgery so that means I can move to full liquids now.  Yay!  I’m drinking some milk with instant breakfast and oh is it good!

I’m still having lots of stomach gurgling and growling and diarrhea.  I tried to sleep in my bed last night and that didn’t work so well.  I woke up so many times and one of the times I had to go to the bathroom, so I found my way back to couch.  I think I will sleep there from now on until I’m actually sleeping through the night again so I don’t wake up my husband.  The couch also seems more comfortable right now.

I called the doctor’s office about my diarrhea and the nurse told me to eat some yogurt with probiotics in it.  I confirmed with her that it was ok to have yogurt since I’m only on full liquids right now and she said it would be fine as long as it didn’t have fruit chunks.  So I had my husband get me some Activa Greek yogurt, it was so nice to eat, but it’s been a couple hours and it still feels like it’s just sitting there.  I didn’t even think until after I had ate some that I could have mixed it with milk to make it a full liquid.  That is what I will do tomorrow.  I will say that since I had the yogurt about 2 hours ago, my stomach hasn’t been gurgly and growling.

I drank what felt like a lot of water and still felt like that yogurt was just sitting there.  I drank some warm water hoping that would help it go down.  It still feels like it is just  sitting there.  Ugh.  Maybe it’s all psychological… who knows.

IV bruises

I have some great bruises, some on my stomach from the lovenox shot and these beautiful ones, where they tried to do the IV and it didn’t work and the one where it did actually work.


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