I’m surprised but I actually was able to sleep last night.  I woke up recorded my weight and measurements and took my before pics.

I lost 8 pounds during the pre-op diet.  I wish it had been more, but it’s better than nothing.  I did lose a good amount of inches.  4 around my belly button and 2 off my hips and more on other areas.

I am kind of nervous for the surgery.  Not in the aspect that something will go wrong, but just the whole life changing thing, which is what I want, but it’s also scary to think about.

When we got to the surgery center, they took me right in to get me ready.  I got a shot of Lovenox in my stomach to help prevent blood clots, (I also have to inject these myself for the next 14 days), my nurse put a anti-nausea patch right behind my ear.  Then the moment I was dreading… the IV.  They have such a hard time getting my IV in correctly.  She tried two spots on my left arm and neither worked out.  Another nurse came and tried a spot on the other arm, luckily that one worked.  But I now have two huge bruises where they tried.  Next, the doctor came in and went over the recovery instructions for home and answered any questions I had… except I didn’t have any.  Then I met the anesthesiologist and the surgical nurse.  Once they were all ready for me in the OR, I got up and walked across the hall and got up on the operating bed.

It was freezing in there.  They strapped my feet and hands down so I wouldn’t move during the procedure.  Once they had me all settled they covered me with warm blankets.  Apparently they put something in my IV because before I knew it my head was feeling heavy and they put an oxygen mask over my mouth and I was out.

When I woke up I was in the recovery area.  I was still so sleepy, but they kept talking to me so I couldn’t go back to sleep.  They helped me sip some water, helped me get dressed and then had me walk around a bit.  I didn’t feel too bad, just sore, so they took me out to my car where my husband was waiting and he took me home.  I was only there for about 3 hours.  Pretty quick procedure.

So it’s done, now time to recover.

LAST before pictures EVER!

LAST before pictures EVER!


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