Pre-Op Torture

I reluctantly started my pre-op diet.  I think I cheated a little right off the bat though.  It’s supposed to be protein only really.  All the protein shakes I want, and lean meat like chicken breast, turkey or tuna and egg whites.  No fruits, no veggies, no fat.  The paper said I could have skim milk and sugar free products like Torani syrups.  On the second page it also mentioned sugar free instant breakfast…. This is where it goes down hill!

My nutritionist told me that my protein shakes need to be 6g of sugar or less.  The instant breakfast is 7g of sugar by itself, and then you add the milk, so that’s going to make it almost 20 g of sugar.  But the paper says I can have both.  Hmmmm I was drinking 2 glasses of that a day.  I decided that probably wasn’t the best choice when the goal is to lose some weight around my stomach and liver so they have room to work when they put in the band.  So I have since stopped the instant breakfast.  The other thing that I ate that wasn’t perfect was chicken thighs.  I really dislike chicken breasts.  I did the HCG diet years ago and all I ate was chicken breasts and I just can’t do it anymore.  I’m trying to find other things that I can eat, like I bought some jenny o ground turkey sausage.  2 patties have 190 calories, 10 g of protein and 5 g of fat, no carbs and no sugar.  I think that was an ok choice.  I’m also thinking about getting some chicken breasts and grinding them so I can make mini chicken meatloaf or something.

I’m really hoping for this two weeks I lose at least 10-15 lbs.

One of the reasons I was reluctant to start this pre op diet is because we didn’t even know if my surgery was going to be approved.  But guess what… I found out today that the insurance approved it.  I’m so excited and scared all at the same time.  More on that in another post.

Right now a typical day for me consists of:

Meal 1 – Rockin Refuel protein drink by Shamrock farms
Meal 2 – Atkins mocha latte protein shake
Meal 3 – Protein drink (either rockin refuel, ensure, or GNC Lean25) possibly a couple slices of chicken breast or turkey breast lunch meat
Meal 4 – Protein drink (either rockin refuel, ensure, or GNC Lean25), some kind of chicken.

Then if I’m hungry before bed, I will have a glass of skim milk sometimes plain and sometimes with instant breakfast.


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