My LAST Nutrition Appointment

So finally, my 6 month nutrition appointment is here.  This appointment is going to combine my nutrition appointment and my pre-op appointment.  It’s almost like the very first appointment.  It started with my weight first…. drum roll please…. I was the same weight as I was when I started 6 months ago.   The Downward Spiral says it all!

I met with the finance person to go over what my costs will be, especially since it’s a new calendar year and I have a deductible to meet again.  Once we were done with that I had some blood drawn and an EKG done.  After that the nurse that gets me ready for surgery came in and scheduled my surgery.  Oh holy heck!  It’s scheduled!!!!  3 weeks away.

After that I met with the nutritionist and we talked about my pre-op diet and my post-op diet.  We also talked about what I would have done different on my last business trip if I had already been banded.  The band will definitely force me to make different choices and keep my portions sizes small.  He also stressed that there are no cardio restrictions on me once I have had the surgery.  He wants me to start walking right away and getting active immediately.  The only restriction that I have for about 6 weeks is lifting… no small people.  That’s going to be a tough one.

The last person the list to meet with was the doctor.  He just went through how the surgery will go, it will only take about 25 minutes once I’m on the table.  He went through the pre-op and post-op diet with me again.  That was about it.

Now they will submit my case to the insurance company and we wait for approval.  Is this really going to happen?

This is exciting!  And a little scary!


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