What 6 Months of Nutrition Counseling is REALLY Like……

After I met with the doctor and the nutritionist the first time, I wasn’t sure I was really going to follow through with the lapband.  I mean having to wait 6 months before I could do it.  That’s 6 month that I could lose 60 pounds on my own.  So then why would I need the surgery.  Well, that’s what I thinking to myself.  But I kept going into the appointments every month.  The first 3 months were great.  I lost 15 pounds.  Not even close to the 30 that I was predicting, but I was still losing.  As the months went by we did all the things on my pre-surgery check list….. Got all my medical records, did the psych evaluation to make sure I wasn’t crazy, had lots of blood tests, did a sleep study in the hopes that I had sleep apnea, (crazy right…. I will get that why on that in a minute) did an EGD to see if I had a hiatal hernia, which I did, so we did the surgery to repair that (more on that in another post), did a glucose tolerance test – again with the hopes that I would have some signs of diabetes.

The sleep study and glucose test both came back normal with no issues, so that itself could be an issue.  To automatically be approved for the surgery by your insurance you have to have a BMI over 40 and it needs to be consistently over 40 for the last 5 years, or need to have some other weight related medical condition, like sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.  Well, I have none of that.  My BMI is over 40 now, but it hasn’t been consistently over 40 for the last 5 years.  So I had a lot of worry over whether the surgery would be approved or not.

As for my actual nutrition appointments and how a typical one goes…. I would see the nutritionist, he would weigh me, ask how things have been going the last month, ask if I have been working on the goals, (the goals are to eat 4 times a day, always have protein with each meal, don’t drink anything while you are eating, eat slowly and really chew your food…. They want to prep you for what it will be like after surgery)  But that was really it, I didn’t have a real meal plan or anything to follow.  The goal for the 6 months was to not gain anything and it would be good if I was able to lose a little.  Once I was done with the nutritionist, I would see the doctor for a couple minutes.  He would look over everything and see if there was anything they needed to do to make sure my case got approved for surgery…. Like the sleep study and the glucose tolerance test.  (I will fill you in on the sleep study in another blog, it was interesting)


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