The Downward Spiral

I worked so hard for 3 months.  I ate healthy, I exercised every day.  I was jogging and working up to a 5K.  I even ran a 5K in 44 min.  I was so proud of myself.  I had only lost 15 pounds, but I was still working hard.  Then it happened… the one thing that always happens and the whole reason I want the lapband surgery.  First I hurt my back when I was running one morning so that set me back, I couldn’t exercise for a couple days, and then I didn’t make the healthiest food choices.

I realized during that time that even though most weight loss happens in the kitchen, for me it’s a whole package of kitchen and gym… I need the exercise to keep my head clear to make healthy food choices.  After I recovered from the back injury, I started exercising again and then I got sick.  I ended up getting bronchitis and couldn’t do any cardio until I was better.  So that led to more poor eating choices and I slowly put the 15 pounds back on.

In November I had to have my hiatal hernia repaired.  (More about the hiatal hernia repair in a different post)  So more recovery time and an excuse not to exercise, then Christmas was coming so an excuse to eat fudge and cookies and hot chocolate and well, since I was already eating like that, why make any other healthy choices.

Oh did I mention it doesn’t get light in the morning until after 7:00 so that’s another reason I can’t exercise.  I don’t want to go out and walk or jog in the dark.  (Pay no attention to that new elliptical machine sitting in my bedroom, I obviously don’t.)  So there you have every excuse why I stayed off track once I fell off.  And this has been the pattern for almost 22 years.


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