The First Week, The Best Week!

July 30, 2015

Finished my first week on my new path.  I did pretty good.  I exercised two more times than I planned.  I ate pretty good, with only one slip up.  I lost 5 lbs and a ton of inches, including 2 inches from my hips and 6 inches from my stomach at my belly button.  I’m pretty happy about that.

Last week my husband bought me an elliptical machine, so I’ve been doing that.  Today was the 3rd day that I did my 45 min on there.  Mapmyrun says that I am burning 1098 calories, not sure if that is correct.  I looked on myfitnesspal and it says 780, not sure about that either.  I ordered myself a fitbit, so we will see what it says my calorie burn is.

I came up with a tracking and reward system that I’m hoping will keep me motivated.  As I said in an earlier blog, I don’t want to measure my success based on pound goals, I want to measure my success based on the effort I put out consistently.  I’ve figured out some monthly goals, then broke them down weekly and then broke them down daily.  I created a reward system for this that will be based on my daily activities.  I decided on some rewards that I want to work toward and put some dollar amounts to them.  (example: new work out shorts from Lucy $55)  I wrote them all down on cards and put them in a jar.   I created the three jars that are pictured below.  The first jar has the pounds that I want to lose.  Inside the jar has a piece of paper for each pound.  Each of these pieces of papers equals a dollar.  The second jar has my various rewards I’m working towards.  I will pull a reward from the jar and that is what I will be working toward.  Once I have earned enough money to get that reward, then I will pull a new reward from the jar to work toward.  The third jar is what I’m actually earning and what will go to pay for my rewards.  For each pound I lose, $1 goes in the jar, for each day I stay on plan with my food, I earn .$50, for each time I exercise I earn $1, each day I meet my goal of 80+ ounces of water, I earn $.50.  I have a couple other goals that get rewards, but you get the picture.  NOW, if I mess up and don’t meet one of my goals for the day, then I take that same amount of money back out of what I earned.  So if I miss a scheduled work out, I lose $1 out of my “Earned it” jar.

Not quite as crafty as I would have liked, but they work!

Not quite as crafty as I would have liked, but they work!

I’m really hoping this will keep me motivated and stay on track.  I will say that this weekend when I slipped up and had Starbucks coffee, I wasn’t happy that I was going to lose that reward for the day.

I feel like I was a little lax last week since it was the first week, this week I’m going to be a little more stringent and work harder.  I’m going to pay a little more attention to how much I’m eating, and cut down the fruit, I love fruit!!!!  Last week I had potatoes, this week I’m not going to have any white potatoes.  I’m doing intermittent fasting and doing my work out right before I eat and pushing myself during my work out.

I’m ready for week 2!!!!!!


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