Before…. I can’t wait for the after!

This summer we went to visit my dad in Alaska.  We had an awesome trip.  It had been almost 4 years since I had seen it, so it was a long overdue visit.  When we got home and I started looking at our pictures, I was so disgusted with myself and so sad.  I took what would have been a great picture of just me and my dad except for how disappointed I was with the way I looked.  It just made me so sad.  These pictures I’m about to post are part of the reason why I started thinking about the lapband surgery.

June 2014 - 250ish pounds

June 2014 – 250ish pounds

I was reading another lapband blog ( and loved her idea of taking pictures in goal clothes.  So that’s what I did.  (Sorry if the pictures offend anyone.)  I am currently working on my degree from ASU and I bought this shirt thinking it was so cute and actually thought it would fit.  insert eye roll here!  But someday it WILL fit!

Here we go....

Here we go…

next up… the completion of week 1……


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