My First Appointment… oh my!

I had this visit in July and this is what I wrote right after the appointment.

July 22, 2014

Went to the doctor to discuss the lapband.  Wow what a process.  Appt was at 10:30, I didn’t actually get taken back until well after 11.  I met with the person that deals with the insurance and financial part and found out that I won’t pay more than my out of pocket allowable.  Um ok great.  I never actually got a straight answer regarding how much it actually costs.  But if I have met my deductible, then they send the bills to my insurance and then bill me for my portion, so at least I can make payments.  The one catch though with the insurance is that I have to have 5 years of medical records showing that my BMI is over 40 consistently.  (I have a feeling I won’t meet that)  The other is that I have to have 6 months medical supervised diet, and if my BMI falls under 40 during that time, I won’t qualify!  Grrr

After the money part it was blood tests.  Not fun.  But my blood sugar for the last 3 years was 5.2% (not sure how they can figure that out with my blood from today) .

Next was the nutritionist.  I meet with him once a month for the next 6 months.  If I miss one appointment it starts all over again.

Next was the nurse and she scheduled me for my EGD, where they stick a camera down my throat to see if have any ulcers, and also scheduled me for my psych evaluation.  She was telling me things like my surgery is in 2 weeks, I really hope she tells me these things again when it’s actually time to get my surgery, cuz in 6 months I’m not going to remember.

Then finally I met with the doctor for 3 minutes.  He said that based on my history it looks like it will be a really straight forward procedure.  On and off the table in 35-40 min then I can be released once I have drank a bottle of water and can walk around – there was one other criteria that I already forgot.  He said recovery time is being off work about a week and then about 6 weeks to fully heal.

So I guess we will see how this goes.  I don’t expect to qualify in January though.  That would mean that I have to still weigh over 230 and by January I want to be under 200!!!!!

You will have to keep reading to find out if I was under 200 or if I was able to qualify for the surgery…..


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